Far Eastern Bowl

I still eat meat, but I reckon that one or two dinners without meat can’t hurt.

What I like about the Veggie Grill is the fake meat they serve. The Chikn in particular has the flavor and texture of chicken.

They change their menu every four months and often they have creative offerings, such as this Far Eastern Bowl.

The Chikn is roasted with sesame seeds, served on coconut rice, with roasted broccoli, sliced cucumbers and fresh mint. The chili slices add color, but weren’t very spicy. The combination of flavors was generically Southeast Asian, but pleasing. The fake chicken had a nice crunch to it.

I will give this meal two Bourdains.


Adobo Chikn

Veggie Grill has a new summer menu. I tried their Filipino Adobo Chiken. The chiken has the texture and flavor of chicken meat. There were long beans and pickled vegetables in the bowl atop quinoa.

Not spicy, but savory and sour. I enjoyed it.

Buffalo Tofu

It might be called something else. Anyway I like to visit VeggieGrill because their menu is food from the future, there are often beautiful women dining there and they have an artisanal soda dispenser.

These strips were made of tofu. Anyway the buffalo sauce was on fleek, as the kids say. I’ve always liked the texture of tofu and this chewy tofu was no exception, The vegan ranch dressing was passable.

I probably shouldn’t have ordered the falafel sandwich only because the buffalo tofu was filling. But I boxed it up and had the rest for lunch the next day.

I give this meal 🍟🍔🍗🥗🧀.

Veggie Grill is really good. It was so crowded last Friday I went to Tender Greens instead.

Fake Meatballs and Polenta

There is a sushi restaurant and a Veggie Grill right outside the 24 Hour Fitness on Sunset Boulevard.

The Veggie Grill is brightly lit and they have an artisanal soda dispenser. There are often beautiful women dining there too.

The meatballs tasted like turkey meatballs, which is a compliment. They were definitely meaty. The polenta and sauce were both decent. A carnivore would eat this and not suspect that is was vegan.

Rustic Farm Bowl

There’s a vegan fast food restaurant near the gym where I go and I’ll sometimes go there on a Friday.

The apple-sage sausage was vegan and surprisingly meatike in texture. I could have eaten several of them. There was also roasted sweet potato, broccoli pesto which was lemony and somehow buttery as well as roasted peppers and farro, an obscure grain I’ve made for lunch before.

I tried the mint basil lemonade which is very good.