Torta Brava

On my layover from Guatemala back to LA I had hours to burn at Mexico City. I suppose I could have planned it better, but i decided to stop for lunch when I couldn’t ignore hunger anymore.

I added the spicy salsa and pickled vegetables to my torta.

I had the eponymous Torta Brava at Torta Brava. Inside the sandwich was beef (I think) and cheese. This restaurant has been open since 1947 and so close to the Zolcala (city square) I reckoned they were doing something right.

It wasn’t the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but I enjoyed it. The jamaica was served warm, without ice, in a plastic cup.


Una Torta de Chorizo

I forget what kind of sandwich this was, except that it was spicy. I’m pretty sure it was a torta de chorizo. The sausage was spicy and delicious. The sandwich was huge and i ended up not finishing the bun.

I ordered it Tacos El Gavilan

It is a busy taco shop on Sunset Boulevard and Highland.

The pickles (las aceitunas) were tasty.

There are plenty of decent taco shops like this all over Los Angeles. I would return.

Torta al Pastor

I love that mutton used in tacos al pastor, so  one morning on my recent trip to Mexico City when I was on my way to Chapultepec Castle I stopped by this sandwich stall near Plaza Garibaldi. 

Instead of getting the meat in the little tacos I opted for the sandwich version. The bun is  grilled and the meat is topped with pico de gallo. 

It was delicious and it wasn’t so massive that it slowed me down. The Mexican Coke made it a nutritious breakfast. 

Pulled-Pork Torta

I made some good progress on unfinished unpublished manuscript #3 today when the battery on my laptop ran  down to nothing. I was playing Clash Royale furiously and losing. So after I went to Takashimaya and discovering that they did not have the book I wanted (The Regional Office is Under Attack) I returned to Somerset, slightly cranky, because the battery in my laptop had run down and because I had drunk a lot of coffee. 

Back at 313 Somerset I went to the new Mexican restaurant, Barrio and ordered  a pulled pork torta and a margarita. The chipotle aioli was nice. The marinated cabbage added crunch and sourness. Eventually I had to use a knife and fork to finish the pleasantly greasy sandwich.