Silver Lake abounds with interesting restaurants and Dee Yaw Myanmar Corner is one of them.


Mohinga is a noodle soup made of catfish, fish sauce, rice noodles and garnished with chickpea fritters (pe gyaw). There was a chicken egg served in the bowl as well. The broth was savory, spicy and sour.

Burmese tofu tastes a lot like polenta. I really liked it.

For desert I ordered faluda, made of ice cream, pandan jelly and rose syrup.

I will return.

Daging Penyet Sambal Hijau (Smashed Beef with Green Chili Sauce)

This was spicy! I had some time to kill before I watched the latest Star Trek movie at Cineleisure Orchard. Down in the basement is a decent food court. Well, cheap anyway. But the Indonesian food stall sells good food. 

The ‘smashed’ beef was fried and covered with a fiery green sambal. To make it a balanced meal there was some cabbage, cucumber slices and fried tofu.

I enjoyed the chicken broth. It helped quench the burning sensation of the sambal. 

Star Trek was enjoyable but not especially memorable. Defeating aliens by playing ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys was ridiculous.