Barbecued Thai Pork Belly

Hoy-Ka Thai restaurant has been around for decades. I’ve been to a few Thai restaurants in town, but this is the best so far.


The pork belly was fatty and crispy. I closed my eyes as I ate.

Next time I’ll try their famous boat noodles.


Mango Sticky Rice

Not only is mango sticky rice my favorite Asian dessert, but I made mango sticky rice for the end of the year staff breakfast at work. I had excellent mango sticky rice in Koh Samui four years ago and decent versions in Singapore.

I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this was awesome.

I don’t know what varietal of mango this was, but I couldn’t imagine a better one, as it was perfectly ripe, yet not overripe.

This dish had Thai sausage and mushrooms and it was fine. But not nearly as memorable as dessert.

Penang Shrimp Curry

There are plenty of Thai restaurants near me and I’ve been checking some of them out.

I had this at Nariya Thai, on the corner of Sunset and Gower. Were the peas authentic?

I’m not sure. I asked for it to be spicy and it was fairly hot.

The sauce tasted fine.

I started off with the Thai sausages which were sweet and fatty.

It was fairly good. I’ll have to return.

Duck Pineapple Curry

I had a serious craving for Thai food, so I walked to a Thai restaurant I’ve noticed while jogging past. There were some glowing restaurant reviews taped to the window so I got excited.

It was very good. Aromatic, spicy and rich with the fat of duck meat and coconut milk, each mouthful was a treat. I could taste galangal, lemon grass and Thai basil in the delicious sauce. Most of the fat had been tendered off the duck meat.

My only minor complaints are that dried chilies were used in the curry and they did not have sticky rice at the time I went.

Not pictured was a Thai iced tea.

Luv2Eat Thai

Mango Sticky Rice

I was excited to have authentic Thai food with the possibility that mango sticky rice would be available when my brother and I went to a Thai restaurant in Hollywood near Little Armenia. Called Crispy Pork Gang and Grill, located in a small strip mall inhabited by other Siamese establishments. 

What makes this dessert remarkable is the sweet, fatty and saltiness of the glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and a perfectly ripe mango, both intensely sour and fruity and floral. 

It was excellent. The serving of green curry with pork was more than ample. 

The green curry was very good. Present was galangal and Thai basil and enough chilies to make me sweat. 

Of course the Thai iced tea was good!

Salted Fish Fried Rice

Instead of the food court I went down to the first floor and decided to try out Basil, a Thai restaurant. I guess because it’s located in the national stadium, the food is very low in fat. 

I liked the clean flavors of the diced scallions, chilies, salted fish paste and limes. However, the portion was not only low in fat, but small.

I also ordered nam prik mamuang which is shrimp paste and mango (I think) served with sticky rice balls and steamed vegetables.

I liked the sour, savory shrimp paste in the middle. But eating it with the rice balls and the vegetables was awkward.

The food is nice, for a snack. Two courses and I was still hungry.

The lemongrass tea was okay. 

Thai Chicken Curry Soup

The local chain, The Soup Spoon sometimes makes awesome soups. This time, they did.

This chicken curry soup was fiery! In the soup were chunks of chicken, galangal, lemon grass, fried shallots, fish cake and tofu. That orange blob was minced habaƱero, not authentic, but it worked.

I had a falafel flatbread with the soup. Mayonnaise lubricated the fillings down the gullet.