Carnitas Tacos

One of my brothers was in town and wanted to go camping in the desert. So we went to Anza Borrego Desert State Park. Starving around noon, we went into Borrego Springs, the nearest village (it’s not big enough to be a town) and had lunch.

I love refried beans because they’re made with lard. I ate that first then devoured the tacos, which were good, but not great. The salsas available were mediocre. I’ve had better, but we were in the middle of the desert, so I probably shouldn’t complain. What I missed was bright lime flavors and browned carnitas meat. 


Ballast Point makes excellent beers. The fruit flavoring is only an aftertaste. 

I like the stark beauty of the desert, but I don’t love it. The second day it rained all day! Crappy times! I played Clash Royale and read about the fauna that lived in the region that was once a sea. 


Chicharrones Tacos

In class I was singing the praises of Mexican food and I agreed to take the class to Señor Taco in Clarke Quay to try some 墨西哥菜. 

I must admit, while not cheap, Señor Taco makes decent Mexican fare.

The two on the left were filled with pulled pick, cilantro, pickled onions and then topped with chicharrones (fried pig skin). The sour pickles complemented the rich and earthy pork. On the right was a carnitas taco and it was garnished with pickled onions and jalapeños.

In little more than a month I will be leaving Singapore for California, where good Mexican food abounds. 

Shrimp Tacos

A craving for Mexican food sent me to Baja Fresh, the Singaporean outpost of a Californian chain. 

Flour tortillas, black beans, brown rice and shrimp tacos for the price of $16.95. The brown rice was extra, as was the guacamole. I ate all the beans. I could have lived without the rice. The tacos were messy, but tasty. 

It’s expensive and just okay. It’s better in California, but what can you do?