Last month I worked at a summer school program and I didn’t take lunch because I had these expectations that this college in Los Angeles would have many ethnic restaurants around.

There was a pizzeria, a sushi restaurant and………..Taco Bell.

It was Taco Bell fused with KFC, so customers could order fried chicken and liquid cheese (no by itself, but as an integral component of many Taco Bell dishes).

Okay, i was in Long Beach and the lunch situation was grim. I didn’t have much time so I went into the Taco Bell-KFC hybrid.

Taco Bell was something I dreamt about during my sojourn in Singapore. 

The fantasy version of Taco Bell is much better than the sad truth. 

The chalupa sounded promising. 

In lieu of a taco shell a fluffy pita-like bread substance was used. The pale iceberg lettuce and tomato chunks made this a healthy lunch. 

The meat was the traditional Grade D beef used by Taco Bell chefs for ages.

The jalapeños were the soft olive colored pickled ones that cost $2 for two quarts. 

Sadly the cheese wasn’t liquid. 

The Doritos taco was pretty good. I devoured it before I even thought about blogging this elegant repast. 

Adding to the ambience were dirty tables and filthy floors. 


Steakhouse Nachos

Great marketing by Taco Bell enticed me to get these a while ago. I have been seriously slacking on this blog, but have no fear, when I move up to Los Angeles in two weeks I will post more often.


I mean steak on Nachos sounds great, right? In theory it could have been great.

In practice it was disgusting. The ‘steak’ was chewy and vaguely steaklike in flavor. It was most likely highly processed Grade D beef. The retried beans were most likely made with hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of lard. They were a tasteless paste. Even the hot sauce couldn’t save this slop.

  • The picó de gallo was lacking in cilantro.
  • Overall a sad experience. 

The quesadilla was okay, but I’m afraid I’ve fallen out of love with Taco Bell. 

Spicy Cheesy Core Burrito 

In Singapore I fantasized many times about Taco Bell. I went here a couple of weeks ago. They have a new offering, a burrito with a core of liquid cheese!

When I opened The Big Box, this is what I saw. On the left is the Cheesy Core Burrito (Spicy), in the middle is a Taco Supreme and on the right is a Doritos Taco. Truly food of the gods!

The Cheesy Core Burrito was delicious! Slightly spicy (to my palate hardened by bird’s eye chilies in Southeast Asia) and full of Grade D beef and liquid cheese. There might have been sour cream and lettuce present. 

The Doritos taco was amazing! Savory, crunchy, meaty- unhealthy but tasty. 

I liked the Mexican apple soda.