Artisanal Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

According to the menu “Salted Pecan butter with apple jam, angostura butters and orange zest”.

I was walking around downtown a week or so ago and I went to Grand Central Market for lunch.

What is a white person to do when confronted with such a sight?

As for white bread, well I can live without it. The jelly was good, sour and not too sweet. I liked the touch of bitters.

I had a salted caramel bread pudding at another stall which was also good.


Fried Chicken Sandwich

On the menu at The Whaler, a sandwich shop in Santa Monica, this is listed as Amber’s Fried Chicken Sandwich.

I haven’t been very diligent in blogging, I must admit.

I last went to Santa Monica in late November or early January.

There was orange cheese and pickle slices in the sandwich. It was delicious. The chicken was spicy and crispy and the meAt itself was moist.

I should visit Santa Monica more often.


A few weeks ago I went to Target and stopped by this place to have lunch. I can’t be bothered to find out if Mendocino Farms is a chain, but I can verify that they make a good BLT.

Of course the bread is artisanal and the bacon apple-smoked and organic.

The bread was thick and chewy enough that the mayonnaise and tomatoes didn’t make the sandwich soggy. 

The bacon slices were thick and the mayonnaise might have been a vegetarian substitute. 

Mint lemonade is everywhere and I like that. 

Oyster Po Boy

Oysters are one of my favorite animals to eat. Raw is best, but fried can be very good, too. I was showing a former student around downtown and I suggested Grand Central Market for lunch.

It was delicious and very greasy! I loved it. I love the salty marine flavor of the oysters contrasting with the crunchy batter. The house fried potatoes were served with a red pepper rouille. I couldn’t finish it. 

The seafood stall is now called Prawn. The time I went before it was called Bomb. I’m not sure if the stall was rebranded or was replaced. In any case, the Oyster Po Boy was excellent.


One of my favorite sandwiches and I hadn’t had one of these in a long time. I was in downtown LA for a job interview. I was very early and very hungry so I went to this Korean-owned cafe and ordered a very nice BLT with a side salad. 

The bacon was crispy and I liked the addition of mustard. However, the sandwich could have used more mayonnaise, my favorite condiment. The side salad had nice fresh vegetables and for $5.50 it was a steal.

Chicken Artichoke Panini

After delivering a dog to my brother who lives in Hollywood, I was starving. I would have been happy to get fast food on the drive back to San Diego, but he insisted on buying me lunch on the condition that we went to a restaurant that had outside seating and allowed dogs. There’s a place down the street that serves a good Eggs Benedict, but it was too late for brunch, I felt. 

Panera makes the same sandwich better and for half the price. It was dry and needed a sauce or an aioli. The chicken was dry, the artichokes were dry and I was not impressed. 

It looked good but it was very disappointing.

Insalata Caprese Sandwich 

Another job interview was over on Notmal Street in Normal Heights, San Diego. Normal street is so named because that’s where the school district office is located. 

I was very early, so I ordered a sandwich at a café across the street. I wisely chose one which would be the least likely to drip on my lucky tie. The bread was warm and chewy and the two slabs of buffalo mozzarella were wonderful. 

The pesto tasted floral and vibrant. The tomatoes were ripened outside. 

The artisanal cola was good, although I have never seen it in supermarkets, not even at Trader Joe’s.
Did I get the job, you might be wondering. 

Not yet. But that sandwich was awesome.