Poke Bowl

Two weeks ago I had a job interview in Watts. That’s far away so I went to a gym near there, actually in Alhambra, California. After working out I decided to have dinner at a poke restaurant near the gym. There were several Asian restaurants near that gym and i might return to try them out when I move to the city.

I ordered a standard bowl with a larger serving of protein, which in this case was diced tuna. The bowl looked pretty with all those colors. I liked it. The fish was fresh and the mix of jellyfish and rice and scallions and other vegetables was tasty.

Poke is future food, assuming tuna doesn’t go extinct. 


Pork Belly Rice Bowl

There’s a new izakaya in Orchard Central, Ensakaba. 

It seemed as if they were pushing the rice bowls, so I had the pork rice bowl.

The pork belly was excellent! Marinated, grilled and perfectly sliced, the meat occupied space in the bowl with a soft-boiled egg and diced daikon. The pork was garnished with sesame seeds and finely chopped chives. The rice was moist and absorbed both the yolk and the pork drippings. 

First I was served an amuse-bouche of salmon chunks cooked in a broth and garnished with leeks.

The miso soup had some clams within. 

I had two grapefruit cocktails made with sochu which I enjoyed.