Barbecued Thai Pork Belly

Hoy-Ka Thai restaurant has been around for decades. I’ve been to a few Thai restaurants in town, but this is the best so far.


The pork belly was fatty and crispy. I closed my eyes as I ate.

Next time I’ll try their famous boat noodles.


Niten Ichiryu Ramen

Of course I was excited when I learnt that Menya Musashi, a Japanese ramen chain, had come to Los Angeles.

On Sawtelle Avenue, there are four blocks of Japanese restaurants.

Look at all the good stuff in that bowl of delicious ramen! Pork belly, fried pork cutlet, onsen egg (😍), seaweed and scallions sat in the bowl waiting to be devoured.

There was a lot of food. I ate all of the meat and drank the broth, but left some noodles in the bowl.


Lechón Kiwali

There is a Filipino food stall at Grand Central Market and i went there last Sunday.

At $15 it wasn’t cheap for a bowl of rice, meat and vegetables. The pork belly was cooked properly. I was very pleased with it. The fried egg was cooked as I like and the pickled vegetables complemented the rich and fatty pork.

There was a decent amount of pork served. I also ordered their highly rated coconut pie. The pie was a coconut custard with shredded coconut added throughput. It was good.

I had a calamansi soda to drink. The calamansi juice was not 100% fresh, but it wasn’t awful.

Pepián de Cerdo

One of the meals I had in Antigua, Guatemala was this. Although Wikipedia describes this dish as a stew, I would compare this rich, savory liquid to a mole.

Chicken Pepián is the national dish of Guatemala and I chose the pork option. The Internet tells me that ground sesame and pumpkin seeds are added to the liquor and I would guess that cocoa is as well. It was almost as thick as a demi-glaze.

I had these appetizers (antojitos) first. They consisted of tortillas with refríed black beans, guacamole and shrimp. They were pretty filling.

I had a jamaica to drink. It had a stronger cinnamon flavor than I’m accustomed to, however I still enjoyed it.

Carnitas Tacos

My new favorite Mexican restaurant is Cactus Taqueria on Vine, near Sunset.

Delicious pork, garnished with cilantro, diced onions and slices of avocado rolled in soft tacos please me greatly. The pork isn’t highly seasoned, so one can enjoy the earthy fattiness of swine.

Complementary slices of radishes await thee!

Their salsa bar is good.


I went to the Los Angeles Food Bowl Night Market the weekend before last.

I had read about David Chang’s food for years. So when I heard that Momofuku would be opening a stall there I was very excited.

The food festival was located in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.

I had to wait 20 minutes to be served.

The cook cutting the meat gave me a free sample of brisket. The meat was salty, savory, fatty and tender.

I loved it.

I ordered both the spicy pork wrap and the salted brisket.

The flatbread was chewy and absorbed the oil well. There was some sort of a pickled vegetable in the salted brisket wrap and parsley, I think.

The spicy pork wrap wasn’t too spicy, but it was likewise delicious. There was a spicy sauce and cilantro present.

Even after eating both, I had some room left so I bought a sea urchin.

I went last Saturday with my brother but it apparently had ended. 😭

Bold Ramen

That’s what is called on the menu at Tatsu Ramen .

It occurred to me that I hadn’t had ramen since I left Singapore in August 2016!

According to Yelp and Google, this is the best local ramen restaurant.

How was it?

The broth was delicious. I was very pleased with it. I ordered it with lots of garlic and a fair amount of chilies.

The onsen egg was slightly, ever so slightly overcooked. Instead of the yolk being like runny custard, it was merely soft.

Don’t get me wrong, I devoured it. The kurobota pork was fatty and intensely porky.

This place was fairly busy on the Saturday afternoon I visited.

I got my ramen fix and I left happy.