Shrimp and chive dumpling (虾韭菜饺子)

I lived seven years in Asia: one and a half in (基隆) Keelung, Taiwan and five and a half in (新加坡) Singapore. If the reader wondered if I crave Asian food, I do. Chinese food is my favorite cuisine of all and dumplings have become comfort food for me.

It’s not Don Tai Fung, but it’s four blocks from my apartment and it’s relatively cheap. IXLB is my local dumpling house and I just realized the acronym means something like “i love xiaolongbao.”

I didn’t order the xiaolongbao, but i ordered cucumber slices in garlic and sesame oil. This version also had Sichuan peppercorns and chilies and I liked it.

The steamed pork bun was likewise delicious and comforting.

It’s no-frills, but the food is authentic and reasonably priced.


Pork Milanese

I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I have been writing, at least.

In late May I had a job interview which went well as I got that job. After the interview I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, which was nearby. 

The cafeteria has good food! This pork cutlet, served with polenta, fried rice (double order of carbs, I know. I was the first customer and I was too hungry to wait for their vegetables to be cooked. There were peas and carrots in the rice) and a lemon butter sauce was the best cafeteria meal I’ve had in many many moons. 

I barely touched the rice, but I devoured the crispy cutlet and the creamy polenta.

The LACMA has a surprisingly good collection. I’d never heard much about it prior, but having visited the place I would highly recommend it. 

What compelled me to go, other than my love of museums was this piece from ancient Bactria, in what is now Afghanistan.

It is 3,500 to 4,000 years old.

There’s a small but interesting collection of antiquities. The impressionist collection is impressive. 

Papusa con Puerco

This might have been the second time since I’ve had a papusa. A papusa is a flat spongy bread filled with vegetables or meat.

Originally from El Salvador, I’ve been noticing papuserias here and there.

I ordered the papusa with pork and cheese. It was served with salsa and guacamole.

I liked it.

The cucumber mint lemonade was very good.

I went to Manchester, a city near Long Beach for a job interview. 

I saw this odd building across the street from the park where the farmers’ market was located.

Twice Cooked Pork (两次熟猪肉)

One of my favorite Chinese dishes, this attempt did not measure up to my standards, but my parents liked it.

However, I know what I did wrong, so next time, the attempt will be successful. 

For the broth in which to boil the pork I places a chopped up scallion and a small handful of Sichuan peppercorns.

Instead of using pork belly (which I should have used) I used pork loin which was way too lean. This recipe needs fatty pork. So I cooked the pork in the pot for twenty minutes. 

Meanwhile, I had chopped up scallions, garlic, ginger and dried birds eye chilies.

I took the cooked pork from the pot.

Then I sauté the ginger and garlic in the wok. When the ginger began to turn golden brown I added the pork.

I then added chopped leeks, chilies and scallions. 

At this point I should have cooked this down a bit. Instead I added bell peppers. I also added a mix of soy sauce and sugar. 

It added too much sweetness to the dish. Twice cooked pork should be about spice and fat. It might have tasted fine, but I was disappointed. Next time I know what to do. 

Claypot Pork 

My second to last night in Singapore I had this dish.

Pork, chilies and scallions were cooked in a savory soy-based sauce in a claypot and served with white rice. It was okay. There really wasn’t that much to eat and there were a lot of scallions. I had this at the coffeeshop at the corner of Lorong 29 and Geylang Avenue. 

Some photos of Geylang. 

Northeast China Feast (东北盛宴)

One of my last dinners in Singapore, well a week prior to my departure was a feast at a Northeast Chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

Cucumbers with garlic and vinegar came first.

Fried beans with pork and spicy chicken came next.

I loved the dou miao sprouts which were steamed with garlic. Twice-cooked pork was excellent as only bacon can be. 

Grilled mutton and chicken hearts came next. The grilled meats were rubbed with cumin. The grilled bread was a little much. 

It was an excellent dinner. 

Pork Meatball Noodle Soup (猪肉丸面汤)

Last Saturday I went to the food court on the fourth floor of 313 Somerset. It’s a Food Republic, a chain of food courts which usually have better stalls than the basic food court.

In the soup were meatballs, bok choy, noodles, an egg as well as fried leeks and anchovies. These made the sweetish broth much more savory. I added the chilies and it was pretty good. 
I ended up not eating the pickled vegetables as the soup was pretty filling.

I watched the Suicide Squad afterwards. It wasn’t very good. I just can empathize with mass murderers.