Torta al Pastor

I love that mutton used in tacos al pastor, so  one morning on my recent trip to Mexico City when I was on my way to Chapultepec Castle I stopped by this sandwich stall near Plaza Garibaldi. 

Instead of getting the meat in the little tacos I opted for the sandwich version. The bun is  grilled and the meat is topped with pico de gallo. 

It was delicious and it wasn’t so massive that it slowed me down. The Mexican Coke made it a nutritious breakfast. 


Tacos al Pastor

By far the most delicious thing I ate on my recent trip to Mexico City was this order of five street tacos. 

Al pastor means shepherd style and the meat is cut off a cooked spiral of mutton. It’s then sautéed on a grill where it becomes crispy. 

The salsa is made of diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and lime juice. Salty, fatty, citrus, spice and herbal flavors are all there. The lime juice balanced the richness of the crispy mutton. 

I would have been more than happy to eat tacos at pastor as lunch and dinner for the rest of my trip. The plate only cost 50 pesos which is less than $3 USD.

This stall was set outside the station just before Hidalgo on the Indios Verdes-Universidad line. 

Roasted Mutton Marrow (烤羊肉骨髓)

Originally I was planning on going to Chinatown for dinner by myself, two students mentioned a 东北 (Northeastern Chinese) restaurant that they thought was really good, so I amended my plans and went with them.

Roasted sheep joints are their specialty. Straws were provided to suck out the marrow. The liquid in the shallow bowl was also tasty.

Bitter gourd poached and served with sesame oil was very good. 

The twice cooked pork was very spicy. Added to the dish was cumin and black fungus. I loved it. I mistook a green chili for a leek and my mouth burned!

House-made dumplings were delicious and not fiery.

I’ve never had these sprouts before, but they were delicious, sautéed in peanut oil with garlic.

The restaurant is also known for their grilled meat, in this case mutton with cumin. These were good.

My terrible Chinese tells me they serve Northeast dishes and Sichuan dishes. 

I recommend this place and I will return.