Shrimp Tacos

Some colleagues from Singapore were visiting, well, one lives in LA now, so I thought BS Taqueria would be a good venue.

BS Taqueria

The tacos were made of blue corn and with the mango salsa, very tropical in flavor.

Fried chicken skins and guacamole were also very good. Our aguas frescas were made of coconut milk mixed with orange juice. I like that a lot.


Tlayuda Mixta

A few weeks ago I strolled eastward down Santa Monica and found La China Oaxaqueña.

A tlayuda is an edible plate made of corn flour, fried and topped with whatever, in this case, spicy chicken, pastor meat, tomatoes, sliced avocados and Oaxacan cheese, which is salty and chewy. There are also refried beans acting as a sauce of sorts.

It was good and I ended up taking most of it home.

Torta Brava

On my layover from Guatemala back to LA I had hours to burn at Mexico City. I suppose I could have planned it better, but i decided to stop for lunch when I couldn’t ignore hunger anymore.

I added the spicy salsa and pickled vegetables to my torta.

I had the eponymous Torta Brava at Torta Brava. Inside the sandwich was beef (I think) and cheese. This restaurant has been open since 1947 and so close to the Zolcala (city square) I reckoned they were doing something right.

It wasn’t the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but I enjoyed it. The jamaica was served warm, without ice, in a plastic cup.

Flan de Elote

I was in Mexico City a few days ago and I thought I’d try a local dessert.

Usually I don’t like vegetables in dessert, but technically chocolate comes from a bean, so I ordered this corn flan in a cafe overlooking Alameda Central, the big park in the center of Ciudad de México.

The corn flavor was present, but it did seem out of place. The flan was evenly cooked but a little dry. I like flan to be a little eggy, I’m not sure how authentic that is. More caramel would have made me happier as well.

After having the flan and a latte I went to the Diego Rivera Mural Museum.

Mexico City is beautiful and safe and there are plenty of museums and good restaurants to make anyone happy.

Huarache Con Carnitas

I have a layover in Mexico City en route to Guatemala so I had lunch at Taqueria Caifan.

A huarache is a thick corn tortilla topped with fixings, in this case carnitas (pork belly) and salsa verde. It was then garnished with diced onions and chopped cilantro.

Huarache also means ‘sandal’. The thick tortilla absorbs liquids well.

The pork was delicious. I added some of the spicy salsa to mine and it was fiery.

To drink I had licuado de hierbabuena, lemongrass juice.

This repast cost me 85 pesos which was $4.46 USD.