Artisanal Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

According to the menu “Salted Pecan butter with apple jam, angostura butters and orange zest”.

I was walking around downtown a week or so ago and I went to Grand Central Market for lunch.

What is a white person to do when confronted with such a sight?

As for white bread, well I can live without it. The jelly was good, sour and not too sweet. I liked the touch of bitters.

I had a salted caramel bread pudding at another stall which was also good.


Mango Sticky Rice

Not only is mango sticky rice my favorite Asian dessert, but I made mango sticky rice for the end of the year staff breakfast at work. I had excellent mango sticky rice in Koh Samui four years ago and decent versions in Singapore.

I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this was awesome.

I don’t know what varietal of mango this was, but I couldn’t imagine a better one, as it was perfectly ripe, yet not overripe.

This dish had Thai sausage and mushrooms and it was fine. But not nearly as memorable as dessert.

Lamb Kebab

Chicken is not my favorite meat, but i sometimes crave fried chicken. Off Hollywood Boulevard is Al Wazir chicken. Once I got there, lamb kebabs sounded better and that’s what I had.

The lamb was tough and I suspect it would be more truthful to call it mutton. The flavor was there and the hummus especially had this earthy funkiness which I throughly enjoyed.

It was good, but since then I’ve had lamb from Zankou Chicken, another Arabic restaurant and it was better.

Carnitas Tacos

My new favorite Mexican restaurant is Cactus Taqueria on Vine, near Sunset.

Delicious pork, garnished with cilantro, diced onions and slices of avocado rolled in soft tacos please me greatly. The pork isn’t highly seasoned, so one can enjoy the earthy fattiness of swine.

Complementary slices of radishes await thee!

Their salsa bar is good.

Twins Sliders

Besides all of the chains, there are still plenty of stand alone hamburger restaurants in Los Angeles, like Twins Sliders. It’s on Sunset, two blocks away from Gower Street.

These are pretty good. All the elements are cooked properly and assembled to make a delicious cheeseburger. The bun is somewhat spongy, the burger is charred and covered with orange cheese. The pickles’ sourness complements the richness and fattiness of the burger itself.

I don’t love shoestring fries, but these were okay.

Twins Sliders

The box above and a soda cost approximately $10.


I went to the Los Angeles Food Bowl Night Market the weekend before last.

I had read about David Chang’s food for years. So when I heard that Momofuku would be opening a stall there I was very excited.

The food festival was located in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.

I had to wait 20 minutes to be served.

The cook cutting the meat gave me a free sample of brisket. The meat was salty, savory, fatty and tender.

I loved it.

I ordered both the spicy pork wrap and the salted brisket.

The flatbread was chewy and absorbed the oil well. There was some sort of a pickled vegetable in the salted brisket wrap and parsley, I think.

The spicy pork wrap wasn’t too spicy, but it was likewise delicious. There was a spicy sauce and cilantro present.

Even after eating both, I had some room left so I bought a sea urchin.

I went last Saturday with my brother but it apparently had ended. 😭