Earl Grey Shortbread Cookie Ice Cream

Saturday is when I allow myself to have desert and after having a wonderful egg sandwich at Eggslut I tried ice cream at McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream.


I was thinking about cardamom before I decided to eat here.

It was delicious. I recommend it.


Bacon and Egg Sandwich

I saw a video about Eggslut on Eater when I lived in Singapore. The proprietor was showing his technique to poach scrambled eggs in butter.

Naturally when I moved to LA, I would want to try their signature sandwich. When I had read that the proprietor was opening locations in New York it cemented my desire to eat one of these legendary egg sandwiches.


Every time I went to Grand Central Market in downtown LA, the line was too long for my appetite.

This time I endured the ten minute wait.

The delicious scrambled egg was served on brioche with orange cheese and chewy bacon.

It was amazing! It was the best egg sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

That and freshly squeezed orange juice and I was happy.


Still interested in the mock meats of Veggie Grill I had high expectations for the smoked tempeh masquerading as bacon.

The tempeh looked and tasted like crunchy bacon. My complaint is that there just wasn’t enough of it.

The vegan mayonnaise tasted like mayonnaise.

Besides the food of the future, the artisanal soda is another draw at least for me to visit the Veggie Grill.

Shrimp and chive dumpling (虾韭菜饺子)

I lived seven years in Asia: one and a half in (基隆) Keelung, Taiwan and five and a half in (新加坡) Singapore. If the reader wondered if I crave Asian food, I do. Chinese food is my favorite cuisine of all and dumplings have become comfort food for me.

It’s not Don Tai Fung, but it’s four blocks from my apartment and it’s relatively cheap. IXLB is my local dumpling house and I just realized the acronym means something like “i love xiaolongbao.”

I didn’t order the xiaolongbao, but i ordered cucumber slices in garlic and sesame oil. This version also had Sichuan peppercorns and chilies and I liked it.

The steamed pork bun was likewise delicious and comforting.

It’s no-frills, but the food is authentic and reasonably priced.

Kung Pao Tacos 

I like to eat out on Friday night and as I work out on Friday I tend to eat at places near the gym.

VeggieGrill is in the same building as 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood so I’ve been going there somewhat often.

I feel like I’m eating at a restaurant in the future as all of the meat there is a meat substitute of some sort.

Chikn is what they call their mock chicken flesh. It’s drier but it’s pretty close to actual chicken.  It is chewy and has a chicken-like texture. 

It was not very spicy, but they had the balance of sweet to spicy on fleek, if you will. 


One of my favorite dishes of any cuisine is bibimbop.

Before the hot stone bowl was brought out, the server delivered kim chi, spicy pickled radish, spinach, rice and a delicious broth. 
A few weeks ago I had a serious craving for Asian food. Koreatown happens to be not far from my neighborhood in Hollywood so I went there. 

In the bowl was beef, an egg, dried seaweed, mung bean sprouts, pickled carrots, shredded Asian radish and sesame seeds. 

I added the chili bean paste known as gochujong which for me is the flavor of Korea. 

Obviously I loved it. 


A blondie is a brownie with white chocolate instead of regular dark chocolate. I had this rich dessert at the cafe inside the LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

It wasn’t cheap, but museum cafes rarely are.

The Chagall exhibit was somewhat interesting. Although I allow myself to eat desserts on the weekends, the blondie was so sweet it made my teeth ache.