Fried Oyster and Shrimp Po’ Boy 

Last week I met up with a former student of mine from China who is studying in Singapore. 

I took him to the Grand Central Market, which is, to the best of my knowledge, the best food court in Los Angeles.

The bread was crunchy and the pickled cabbage and the aioli provided a sweet and sour contrast to the crunchy, salty oysters and meaty shrimp. 

The house fries with rouille were very good. 

Prawn is the name of the seafood stall. I think it changed its name or it replaced another seafood stall called The Bomb, or something like that. 

The sandwich was delicious, but so rich and greasy I could not finish it.

Papusa con Puerco

This might have been the second time since I’ve had a papusa. A papusa is a flat spongy bread filled with vegetables or meat.

Originally from El Salvador, I’ve been noticing papuserias here and there.

I ordered the papusa with pork and cheese. It was served with salsa and guacamole.

I liked it.

The cucumber mint lemonade was very good.

I went to Manchester, a city near Long Beach for a job interview. 

I saw this odd building across the street from the park where the farmers’ market was located.

Spicy Dry Noodles (干辣面)

I lived for a total of seven years in Asia: one and a half years in Taiwan and five and a half in Singapore. 

Thus, I sometimes crave real Chinese food. Real I mean as Chinese food prepared traditionally by Chinese people for Chinese people. 

The serving was much bigger I would have received in Singapore. I liked the deboned pork ribs, the Sichuan pepper and the pickled vegetables. Except for the huge portion it tasted authentic, like a dish I could get at a stall in the People’s Park Complex in Singapore’s Chinatown. 

I went with my brother. Afterwards we walked over the Pershing Square and I ordered some petits fours at a chocolatier.

The petits fours were very rich and I managed to eat two, a bitter chocolate and a rose lemon flavor. 

Poke Bowl

Two weeks ago I had a job interview in Watts. That’s far away so I went to a gym near there, actually in Alhambra, California. After working out I decided to have dinner at a poke restaurant near the gym. There were several Asian restaurants near that gym and i might return to try them out when I move to the city.

I ordered a standard bowl with a larger serving of protein, which in this case was diced tuna. The bowl looked pretty with all those colors. I liked it. The fish was fresh and the mix of jellyfish and rice and scallions and other vegetables was tasty.

Poke is future food, assuming tuna doesn’t go extinct. 

Fried Oysters

This was a while ago. Anyway on the same day and the same time I was hanging out with one of my brothers in LA, we went to the Central Market and after having seafood tacos at some other stall I was still hungry. 

Bombo is a seafood stall that mostly fries seafood. Anyway, their fried oysters with fried potatoes and house made rouille was good.

Honestly, raw oysters are my favorite way to eat this mollusk. They are still tasty fried. 
So if you happen to find yourself in Los Ángeles I would recommend visiting the Central Market. 

Mediterranean Plate

A few weeks ago I had a serious hankering for hummus. On January 29th the Getty Center and the Getty Villa were free so I went to the villa. 

There was pita bread, a scoop of hummus, tabbouli, a pile of olives and about 200 grams of marinated feta cheese.

That’s a lot of cheese. I liked all of it, but there wasn’t enough bread for all of that cheese. 

I was very happy afterwards.

Not only are the Greek and Roman artifacts awesome, but the grounds of the Getty Villa are likewise beautiful. 

Banana Pudding

It’s something I’ve never had, but I have heard about it. After walking around Chinatown I noticed this New Orleans restaurant near the parking lot.

After having lunch at Baohaus, I was still hungry. This being the weekend I looked in the refrigerated counter at The Little Jewel of New Orleans. Seeing oyster po’ boys on the menu I vowed to return. 

The banana pudding was delicious. It was creamy and eggy and garnished with vanilla wafers. I devoured it. 

The café au lait was adequate.