Rosemary and Pine Nut Gelato

At the Hollywood Farmer’s Market there is a gelateria selling interesting flavored gelato.


It was excellent! It turns out that rosemary works very well in a dessert. The aromatic herb complemented the richness of the crushed pine nuts and cream.


Earl Grey Shortbread Cookie Ice Cream

Saturday is when I allow myself to have desert and after having a wonderful egg sandwich at Eggslut I tried ice cream at McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream.

I was thinking about cardamom before I decided to eat here.

It was delicious. I recommend it.

Ding Dong 

Reviews of this restaurant and its menu piqued my interest, so when my girlfriend came to visit me we went here on a Wednesday when I finished work before lunch.

We both ordered the three course lunch and we both got the papaya salad with prawns as a first course. I liked it. Th prawns were huge and cooked perfectly. The salad was spicy and sour. 

For my main course I opted for the fried pork belly. It was served with a pineapple jam, sliced Japanese cucumber and cilantro. I ate it all. It was savory, crunchy, sweet and sour. 

My girlfriend had the lychee-glazed mackerel which she didn’t like. It was overcooked. 

For dessert I had the natto- salted caramel ice cream with a brownie. 

I liked the ice cream as the savory nuttiness of the natto complemented the caramel well. The brownie was more like chocolate bread as it was not moist. Moistness is essential for a brownie, as is chewiness. 

My girlfriend liked her soursop dessert. I liked it too.