Singapore Noodles

For the three people who read this blog…huzzah!

Rejoice for I have moved to Hollywood and there are many interesting and inexpensive restaurants around. 

It’s close to kway teow, with plenty of bak kwah pork tossed with shrimp and scallions and mung bean sprouts. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. It was one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had in California.
It was very good.

I added all of that chili oil which wasn’t that fiery.

Now I know that los palillos means chopsticks (筷子). 

I started off with a huge seaweed salad. 

I recommend Noodle World.
It’s only two (!!!) blocks from my new apartment!

Mango Sticky Rice

I was excited to have authentic Thai food with the possibility that mango sticky rice would be available when my brother and I went to a Thai restaurant in Hollywood near Little Armenia. Called Crispy Pork Gang and Grill, located in a small strip mall inhabited by other Siamese establishments. 

What makes this dessert remarkable is the sweet, fatty and saltiness of the glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and a perfectly ripe mango, both intensely sour and fruity and floral. 

It was excellent. The serving of green curry with pork was more than ample. 

The green curry was very good. Present was galangal and Thai basil and enough chilies to make me sweat. 

Of course the Thai iced tea was good!

Tuna Sampler

Last week, after walking around Runyon Canyon with my brother who lives in Hollywood we went here for lunch. Sushi Stop is right next door to the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. 

It was pretty cheap as sushi goes and the quality was decent. Those three pieces of sushi were only $7.

I also had sea urchin, mackerel and yellow tail. The sea urchin was okay, but then again excellent sea urchin to me is just pulled from the sea and split open.

The seaweed salad was fair and I liked the popcorn shrimp roll. It was delicious.

I would recommend Sushi Stop highly. 

Runyon Canyon Park has great views at the top. 

Poutine (加拿大的起司炸薯条)

I can’t remember the time before this I had had poutine, but it might have been eight years or so ago on a pub crawl through San Diego.

If not then, then it would have sometime in the late 20th century in Windsor, Ontario.

It had been a long time. I was hanging out with one of my brothers and I thought why not and we went inside this place, apparently a chain, next to Danny Trejo’s taqueria. 

I was impressed. The fries were hand-cut (or appeared that way to my amateur eye) but more importantly were fried twice, so the outside was crispy and the interior light and almost fluffy.

The gravy tasted like it was made with fresh ingredients. I appreciated the black pepper. I had ordered the classic poutine and I thought that they served a generous portion of cheese curds. 

I wouldn’t exactly call this junk food as it was made with good ingredients, but a case could be made that this is.

I recommend this place for an occasional indulgence, unless you don’t worry about your weight and or are bulking up. 

Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie

On Hollywood there’s a new café called Pie Hole. I had a craving for something sweet so I went there with my brother ostensibly to get a cup of coffee. 

My battery died, so I don’t have photos of the exterior.

Oh, you’re wondering about the pie? The chocolate was dark and rich. I could taste cinnamon and a tiny bit of chile. The crust was perfect and the whipped cream on top was fresh. It was an excellent pie. I am a dessert snob and I tasted only natural ingredients. 

They had a selection of pies, as you can see. 

Fried Chicken Burrito

I went to Danny Trejo’s Cantina this afternoon with one of my brothers.

Danny Trejo’s pockmarked visage is omnipresent in this restaurant on Cahuenga Avenue in Hollywood. The menu looks good and I will return. 

This was awesome! Crispy strips of fried chicken, corn, rice, black beans, cheese and tomato were put together to make a tasty meal. 

The house chipotle sauce was savory and earthy but the house hot sauce was even better. 
There are so many reasonably priced restaurants in Los Angeles I really have to step up my game, as it were.