Oyster Po Boy

Oysters are one of my favorite animals to eat. Raw is best, but fried can be very good, too. I was showing a former student around downtown and I suggested Grand Central Market for lunch.

It was delicious and very greasy! I loved it. I love the salty marine flavor of the oysters contrasting with the crunchy batter. The house fried potatoes were served with a red pepper rouille. I couldn’t finish it. 

The seafood stall is now called Prawn. The time I went before it was called Bomb. I’m not sure if the stall was rebranded or was replaced. In any case, the Oyster Po Boy was excellent.


Shrimp Tacos

In November I went to the Central Market for the first time and wanted to return. 

This time I visited the Mexican seafood taqueria.

The wild-caught shrimp was fried and wrapped in corn tortillas with grated cabbage and some creamy sauce. It was delicious, but I bit into a mouthful that tasted like cardboard. It was a small bite that didn’t really detract from the excellent tacos.

But I would return. The seafood cocktail on the menu sounded good as did the black cod tacos.