Flan de Elote

I was in Mexico City a few days ago and I thought I’d try a local dessert.

Usually I don’t like vegetables in dessert, but technically chocolate comes from a bean, so I ordered this corn flan in a cafe overlooking Alameda Central, the big park in the center of Ciudad de México.

The corn flavor was present, but it did seem out of place. The flan was evenly cooked but a little dry. I like flan to be a little eggy, I’m not sure how authentic that is. More caramel would have made me happier as well.

After having the flan and a latte I went to the Diego Rivera Mural Museum.

Mexico City is beautiful and safe and there are plenty of museums and good restaurants to make anyone happy.

Honey Sea Salt Custard Pie

PieHole makes great pies. When they change their menu and it isn’t too crowded and it’s a Sunday, I will saunter in and order a slice of pie.

The flaky crust was perfect. I love egg-based desserts like crème brûlée, flan and custard. I wanted to like this pie.

Instead, i loved it. Honey adds the slightest of funk to pastries and it made this pie amazing.

Later I walked up to Runyon Canyon.

I give this pie 🥧🥧🥧🐝🐣.



A blondie is a brownie with white chocolate instead of regular dark chocolate. I had this rich dessert at the cafe inside the LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

It wasn’t cheap, but museum cafes rarely are.

The Chagall exhibit was somewhat interesting. Although I allow myself to eat desserts on the weekends, the blondie was so sweet it made my teeth ache.