Desayuno Típico de McDonalds

I haven’t eaten at a McDonalds in the United States in decades. When I lived in Singapore and before that, Taiwan, McDonalds was an air conditioned cheap restaurant where I could eat salty comfort food.

Hungry at the airport in Guatemala City, I decided to try McDonalds’ version of the Guatemalan typical breakfast.

The plantains were there, along with scrambled eggs, a tortilla, the cube of soft cheese, the mild warm salsa and the crema fresca.

I liked it. Especially because there was a sausage patty hidden under the scrambled eggs.


Typical Guatemalan Breakfast #4

I had this in Flores, a small city on an island in Lake Peten Itza.

I had arrived earlier and this restaurant was across the street from the cheap hotel where I was staying.

This breakfast had the fried egg, the soft cheese, the crema fresca, the sweet salsa, the refried beans and bread which I used to absorb the sauce.

This was the best typical breakfast I had.

I watched a bittern eat a fish on the dock outside.

Desayuno Típico #2

This was the worst breakfast and worst meal I had in Guatemala. I had thought that this chain would make better food than small cafes, but I was wrong.

First, when a server asked me if I wanted bread, she brought cookies. My Spanish is awful, but I know the difference between pan and galletas.

They bring this. A fried egg was placed on refried black beans and topped with a sweet salsa and avocado slices. That is a lot of liquid on the plate.

How can I sop up this liquid? With three slices of fried plantain of those sad cookies?

The restaurant is called Piccadilly and I would just skip it as the chef is clueless.

Desayuno Típico #3

On my trip to Guatemala I visited Tikal and after a tour which began at 4am, I was starving and thirsty by 11.

This was the best typical breakfast and at a hotel restaurant, the most expensive at around $7 USD. It had all the elements of a typical Guatemalteca breakfast: refried Black beans, fried eggs and soft cheese which I would compare to a Neufchâtel. The plantains were as sweet as a banana.

I also had coffee and orange juice. I had company, too. She was so beautiful I felt nervous and I spilt black beans and egg yolk on my white shorts.

Desayuno Típico de Guatemala

A stone’s throw away from my hotel in Antigua, Guatemala is Kaffe Fernando which sells their own coffee beans and chocolate.

Behold the Guatemalan breakfast!

The black beans were very rich, thanks to beautiful lard and salt. With extra tomatoes and onions, it cost 26 quetzals, which is $3.50 USD. The fried plantains were sweet and fruity and possibly the best plantains I’ve ever had. There were fresh tortillas served in a small basket.

The dining area was set in a garden.

The orange-pineapple juice was fresh and the coffee was good. It was a good start to the day which involved wandering around and taking pictures of Spanish colonial ruins.

Fried Chicken and Jalapeño Waffles

Not far from Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is The Waffle, a brunch restaurant.

The Waffle

The country gravy was a decadent treat. Served on the plate were collard greens cooked with bacon.

It was a decent breakfast. I had gone here on a date. While chemistry didn’t happen, at least I got to try an interesting cafe.

Lobster Eggs Benedict

A few years ago I would eat Eggs Benedict any chance I got. A few restaurants in Singapore served a good Eggs Benedict. Since I’ve returned to California I hadn’t had this dish until I went to Swami’s in Carlsbad to have breakfast with two of my brothers before attending a sister’s daughter’s christening.

For $12.95 I didn’t expect tail meat. There were a few tablespoons of leg meat atop the poached eggs.

Not bad, although the plate could have used some greenery.