In N Out Cheeseburger

At one time in my life I thought In N Out was the Alpha and Omega of fast food burgers. At one time I guess it has. But the burger Renaissance which began about a decade ago, has left In N Out behind. Don’t get me wrong- it’s much better than Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Burger King. 

But Five Guys is better. 

The bun is light, similar to challah or a brioche. It was not greasy at all and I could have easily eaten two of them. Vegetables are an afterthought and the thin leaf of lettuce was sad. 

The fries were too dry. 

It’s over between me and In N Out. I’ve moved on to better cheeseburgers. 


Smoked Beef Chili Cheese Fries

On National Day here in Singapore, my girlfriend in Sydney recommended this place, Overeasy, on Scotts Road in the space once occupied by a Wendy’s. As American diner food goes, it was pretty good and this was reflected in the price. 

There was plenty of meat, liquid cheese and chives on the properly cooked fries.

The level three wings were spicy, yet manageable. Unfortunately they served ranch dressing and not blue cheese.

The vegetable platter made it a nutritious meal. 

The cocktail made with date-infused rum was good. 

The service was very good. 

Cheeseburger (The Burger Joint)

This chain of quality hamburgers opened up a semi-secret location in Singapore. I had heard about this restaurant years ago, the New York location, anyway. 

The girl at the counter asked for doneness which brought a smile to my lips. Although I like my steaks close to raw, I like hamburgers a little more done, medium rare, to be precise.

Biting into that juicy burger, with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickles (dill), lettuce, cheese (orange) and red onions brought me back to Michigan, to the Box Bar & Grille, to barbecues on the backyard deck at my parents’ house in Plymouth, Michigan. I was in ecstasy. It was a wonderful burger. 

Yeah, I like gruyère cheese and truffle mayonnaise, but this American burger was so much better. 

You can find the entrance for the Burger Joint in the alley behind Amoy Street at 115.

There’s a bar in the space where one can buy craft beers and rare whiskeys.

If people want to eat a quality, American burger, get thee forthwith.