Ume Katsuo Beef Udon

I had seen this udon restaurant, Idaten Udon, several times when I walked underground from the City Hall MRT station to Suntec City. Instead of proceeding to Pasar Bella, I stopped here for dinner. 

This was a special. The light broth had plum juice (ume) added to it. In addition to the udon noodles there was beef, dried bonito flakes and I added chopped ginger and scallions from the condiment stand.

The broth was tart and a little sweet. The bonito flakes added a mild fishiness to the bowl. 

I also had an onigiri (rice cake) called ajidouraku. 

All the good stuff was on the outside. I still liked it. 


Tiong Bahru Bakery Breakfast Croissant Set 

I get excited on the weekends, because that’s when I go to Tiong Bahru Bakery.

The set includes two breakfast croissants, in this the dumpling croissant (with minced pork and a black vinegar aioli) and a smoked salmon croissant with dill and a green salad. 

The pastry at the top is an apple Kouign Amann. 

The two croissants were delicious. The house salad had nice fresh greens and dried cranberries. The Kouign Amann was caramelized butter and apple heaven.

The apple pear celery juice was pretty good. 

I love that place. 

Mc Donalds Double Cheeseburger 

After I watched the latest Captain America movie I was hungry, but I didn’t want to eat a big meal. 

McDonalds uses cheap beef, which is why their bigger burgers are not good. One gets too much of that Grade D beef in the mouth and one can detect the fillers and other non-beef matter in the patty.

But the Double Cheeseburger has plenty of pickles, cheese, mayonnaise and mustard, not to mention nice spongy buns. The combination of flavors and (meaty, sour, sweet, savory) textures (meaty, orange-cheesy, soft bread) is delicious. The pickles, meat and cheese are wonderful together. 

That is a tasty sandwich.

I went home happy. McDonalds still makes great fries. 

Shrimp Tacos

A craving for Mexican food sent me to Baja Fresh, the Singaporean outpost of a Californian chain. 

Flour tortillas, black beans, brown rice and shrimp tacos for the price of $16.95. The brown rice was extra, as was the guacamole. I ate all the beans. I could have lived without the rice. The tacos were messy, but tasty. 

It’s expensive and just okay. It’s better in California, but what can you do?

Coconut Ice Cream and Sticky Rice

Last weekend I felt a sudden yearning for Asian food, so instead of getting breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery, I went to Com Nam, the Vietnamese broken rice restaurant. 

That’s what I had for dessert. Ice cream made with coconut milk, sticky rice and some chocolate syrup. The sticky rice, which had almost a fruity sweetness, was the best part. I couldn’t finish it all.

What I had first was broken rice topped with marinated pork belly, prawns, a poached egg, chili slices and some cilantro. The juices from the pork soaked into the broken rice, which has the texture of couscous. 

It was delicious. Salty, savory and spicy, I ate it with a spoon. 

The lime soda with sugar cane was very nice. 

Scallop and Corn Purée

I was craving sushi last Friday and so I went to Itacho Sushi, the Bugis Junction location.

They were running some scallop promotion and this looked interesting.

The seared scallop was served in this little plate and covered with this sweet and spicy (thanks to cayenne pepper) corn purée.

It was delicious!

First, I had bluefin tuna, striped jack and scallops.

Next, I was served a big bowl of miso soup.

Next, I had a natto handroll. Natto is fermented soybeans that are slightly bitter and have bacterial filaments which get stuck on one’s lips. I like natto.

Salmon roe, crab with miso and raw sweet shrimp. It was all good. They forgot to serve me sea eel. I had it taken off the bill, so I survived. 

It was a nice light dinner. I ate a piece of cheese pizza later because I was so hungry. 

Chicken and Waffles

The first time I ate fried chicken and waffles on the same plate was here in Singapore, at the Southern (as in American; General Lee, slavery, the KKK, fried pickles) restaurant The Beast, near the Sultan Mosque in Bugis.

The chicken there was moist and greasy, the waffles buttery and sweet.

Sadly, the chicken and waffles I endured at Wildfire Burger at 313 Somerset was a sad, sad dish.

The waffles were light and tasteless, the chicken was dry and crunchy. I was unhappy. The tiny ramekins of butter and maple syrup were not enough to salvage this sad ghost of a good junk food classic. 

Rather than finish my watermelon beer and hit the road as I should have, I ordered the nachos.

That shit cost twelve fucking dollars!

What the fuck? No jalapeños, no salsa?


I should have paid heed to this omen and ate elsewhere.