Nasi Babi Guling Spesial

On my way to Tanah Lot, the sea snake temple of Bali, I noticed a number of barbecued pork restaurants. After seeing the temple, beset by hordes of tourists, I stopped by one on the way back to Seminyak. 

There was minced pork on a stick, cracklings and pork meat tossed with lemongrass, turmeric and chilies. 

It was delicious, but some of the cracklings were so tough to be almost leathery. I had to chew one chunk for five minutes and took my chances and swallowed it. I didn’t choke. 

The drink tasted like uncarbonated sarsaparilla. I didn’t love it. 

And some photos of Tanah Lot:


Fennel-pork-meatball broccolini pizza

I had read that there was very good pizza to be had in Bali and once I would have sneered at those who didn’t eat local food. 

This incredible pizza, served with a lemon slice and Parmesan cheese rocked my world. It might be the best pizza I’ve ever had. The crust was thin and perfect, the flavors were very complementary and it was just delicious. 

I had this at Hank’s Pizza and Liquor in Seminyak, Bali.

They served Parmesan and that tomato passata in glass bowl.

It was so good!

Raw Chocolate 

I’m here in Bali. I saw raw chocolate on the menu at the café across the street so I gave it a try.

Made with coconut and cacao, it lacked the levels of flavor imparted by the roasting process.

It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t love it, either.

I also had a ginger kombucha, which tasted like lemonade left in the fridge for too long.

The eggs Benedict were good, but the eggs were slightly overcooked. 

I loved the sourdough bread, though.

This café, Wild 1, is located in Seminyak. 

Roasted Pork Belly with Noodles

I ate this last Friday.

The noodles were served with kailan stalks and the pork was served on the side. I ordered it dry, so the broth was served in a small bowl. The pork belly was perfect: crispy fat on the outside and soft meat within. 

The shrimp fungus (what kind of fungus, I don’t know) dumplings were soft and mellow. True to Cantonese standards, the shrimp tasted very fresh. 

That was consumed by me at The House of Rossted Duck in Bugis.

It was Vesak Day.

Cheeseburger (The Burger Joint)

This chain of quality hamburgers opened up a semi-secret location in Singapore. I had heard about this restaurant years ago, the New York location, anyway. 

The girl at the counter asked for doneness which brought a smile to my lips. Although I like my steaks close to raw, I like hamburgers a little more done, medium rare, to be precise.

Biting into that juicy burger, with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickles (dill), lettuce, cheese (orange) and red onions brought me back to Michigan, to the Box Bar & Grille, to barbecues on the backyard deck at my parents’ house in Plymouth, Michigan. I was in ecstasy. It was a wonderful burger. 

Yeah, I like gruyère cheese and truffle mayonnaise, but this American burger was so much better. 

You can find the entrance for the Burger Joint in the alley behind Amoy Street at 115.

There’s a bar in the space where one can buy craft beers and rare whiskeys.

If people want to eat a quality, American burger, get thee forthwith. 

Daikokuya Miso Ramen

Last Sunday I decided to have ramen at Daikokuya, a restaurant in the basement of Raffles City. 

I really wanted a salad so I got the rice set. It was too much. There was a lot of fixins in the bowl of ramen. Buttery pork, bamboo shoots, scallions, leeks and wonderful soft-boiled eggs. The broth was good, although not as savory and delicious as the broth at Menya Musashi or Keisuke. There were also corn kernels in the broth, which neither excited nor bothered me. 

There was a lot of food in that bowl. More broth would have been nice. 

Menya Musashi serves a better salad.

I couldn’t manage the spicy pork rice bowl. It was fiery. 

Service was excellent. That doesn’t happen often in Singapore. 

Garlic Fried Rice

On my way to Pasar Bella in Suntec City I passed an advertisement for a Korean restaurant called Mad For Garlic. 

So I checked it out last Saturday. 

It took nearly an hour for my food to arrive. Obviously they had forgotten me and the fried rice was a soupy mess when they dropped it off. Twice a server told me my dinner was on the way and twice they lied.

The garlic bread was good. 

Here’s a menu:

The service was shit and the food was mediocre yet expensive. 

My advice is to avoid this dump.

I got these delicious soft-boiled eggs at 7-11 on my way home.