Pork Dumplings in Chili Oil (猪肉水饺辣椒油)

On Friday night I really felt like having Chinese food, so I went to Crystal Jade in Bugis Junction. I am leaving Singapore in 74 days so I’m trying to make the most of my remaining time here and eat good Asian food.

The dumplings were substantial and served in a pool of chili oil. The dumplings were garnished with chopped scallions. They weren’t that spicy, but greasy and delicious. 

I started off with black fungus. It doesn’t sound that appealing, but it’s a mushroom served with celery and raw garlic. It’s dressed with sesame oil and vinegar. I really liked it.

I drank pomelo tea. It was good. 

Lastly I had pork belly and sautéed vegetables served with pancakes. Kind of sweet and sour, I liked this. More pork would have been better. 

Crystal Jade is a chain, but their food is above average. Their price reflects that. 


Smoky Beef Nachos

Mexican food is one of my favorite cuisines. So there’s a New Mexican restaurant in 313 Somerset called Barrio. 

It was a more refined Nachos Bell Grande as the beef was of a higher quality and the guacamole was real and fresh. The beef had a nice, smoky flavor. To be honest, I loved it. Then again I like Taco Bell. The liquid cheese was similar, but the chopped scallions and pico de gallo made it an upgrade. 

It took a long time for someone to make me a margarita. It was good and there was plenty of salt on the rim.

I might go again, but I’ll be in San Diego in 80 days, so I might just wait. 

Cold Chicken Ramen

As I go to the gym at Bugis Junction, I almost always eat dinner around there. When I saw a sigh for cold ramen at Menya Musashi,I was intrigued. 

The sauce was soy sauce and yuzu juice. Atop the noodles were shredded boiled chicken, sliced cucumber, scallions, bamboo shoots and fried leeks on the top. Of course there was a perfectly boiled egg. 

I was worried that it would be too fruity, but the soy sauce, leeks and scallions provided savoryness. I liked it a lot.

The gyoza were decent. I really enjoyed the Chawanmushi with roasted mushrooms. It was earthy and delicious. 

Caprese Panini

I wouldn’t have guessed that I would be able to get a good sandwich at the Bali airport in Denpasar, but lo and behold, I did.

Fresh mozzarella (I’m not sure if it was made from water buffalo milk) basil leaves and tomatoes were stuffed into a panino. I liked it and the mint pineapple lemonade.

The Denpasar Airport was much nicer than the old one I saw in 2011. My driver liked Guns n Roses. It was a nice end to the trip. 

Spicy Grilled Duck Leg (Bebek Bakar Woku)

This was the last dinner I ate in Bali, one week ago. This was at Gapet, which was rated number one a week ago on Tripadvisor. 

While the server and the menu warned of its spiciness, I didn’t think it was that spicy.

The roasted duck was cooked well as the fat was rendered nicely. The chunky sauce was made of lemongrass, chilies, shallots, lime juice and garlic. There was sambal, a shallot-chili relish and a spicy cabbage side salad. 

It was good, but I could have eaten two portions. 

Fish and Chips (My Man Frydays)

Back in Bali, last week, I decided to have some beige food and went to My Man Frydays, a British-themed pub, I guess.

It turns out that mahi mahi is good battered and deep fried. The fish was fresh. 

Of course I needed tartar sauce and the mushy peas sounded very English, so I had those too.

That’s a lot of beige food! 

The locally brewed cider was too sweet to my liking, but I had two anyway. 

Steak Tartare

Believe it or not, although I’ve raw beef many times, I had never had steak tartare until last night, tired and sunburnt from scuba diving. 

There was a lot of food on that plate! That was a huge mound of raw beef as well. There were capers present in the mince, but it was a little bland. I should have added salt, which I usually don’t, deferring to the expertise of the chef. I ate about 75% of the steak tartare. The fries were good. I just didn’t have the room to eat the salad. 

First I had this tomato goat cheese salad. The tomato was skinned and seeded and reassembled with goat cheese and basil pesto. There were a few pieces of tomato jelly as well. 

It was delicious and very rich. It would have been good to share, sadly I came alone. 

This was at The Junction, near Seminyak Square. 

The local rosé wasn’t terrible.