Braised Lamb Shank

Last week I went to Pasar Bella in Suntec City and tried out the grilled meats stall, Mad Dogs. 

Served on mashed potatoes, I opted for the creamed spinach as my other side and it was delicious!

It had been many, many years since I last had creamed spinach. It might have been when I lived in Michigan, so before March 2003. 
I could have eaten the meat with a spoon, as it separated so easily from the bone. The wine sauce was very savory.

I love Pasar Bella, the hipster food court. Mad Dogs serves up good food. 

Cherry Blossom Ramen

My curiosity was piqued when I saw the placard promoting this special at Menya Musashi. 

The pink noodles had a very faint cherry flavor. Atop was a perfectly cooked egg, tempura prawns and grilled pork belly on a stick. There were some bamboo shoots in the bowl, too. 

I was also served a bowl of delicious savory broth and hoji tea. 

The house salad tossed with a miso dressing is wonderful. 

Roasted Pork Belly

Just down the elevator and a minute’s walk is a food court. I don’t eat there often, but the roasted meat stall makes decent food.

Pork belly, rice and a bowl of broth for $4.50. I don’t love the sweet and dark soy sauce poured over the meat. I prefer the chili sauce. Both the broth and the pork were garnished with parsley.

Eng Nam Roasted Meat can be found on the corner of Geylang Avenue and Lorong 29. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

A few weeks ago I felt a craving for Indian food, so I went to Little India after work. 

I was starving, so I went to the first place which caught my eye.

I also ordered garlic naan and dhal. Usually, chicken ordered at an Indian restaurant has had its skin removed. Not so here. I don’t mind the bones, but unless it’s roasted or fried, I don’t want skin on my chicken. Were they too busy or lazy to skin the bird? 

I’ll never know.

I love spicy food, but the sauce was just oil and chilies. The naan and the dhal were okay. 

I felt the chili oil burn through my system. 

I wasn’t impressed with Pak Kashmiri Delights.

The mango lassi helped quench the burning.

Not far away was a better restaurant.

The dosai was just what I was looking for. Inside were mashed potatoes seasoned with turmeric. The three sauces served were a coconut sambal, dhal and a spicy tomato sauce. 

Fried Fish Bento (Teppei Yamashita)

A few weeks ago my former blog reached its media upload limit. I’m cheap, so I decided not to pay for more gigabytes.

This is a bento box bought at the bento box stall in Basement Two of the Takashimaya Shopping Center on Orchard Road. 

In this box was fried fish of some sort adorned, if you will, with a rémoulade and served over nice moist rice. I don’t eat much rice, but this rice was good!

Also in the box was a piece of tempura radish (the Asian kind), seaweed, lotus root and spinach.

It was delicious. I really need to visit Tokyo and have some authentic bento box lunches.

Teppei Yamashita makes good bento boxes.