Tlayuda Mixta

A few weeks ago I strolled eastward down Santa Monica and found La China Oaxaqueña.

A tlayuda is an edible plate made of corn flour, fried and topped with whatever, in this case, spicy chicken, pastor meat, tomatoes, sliced avocados and Oaxacan cheese, which is salty and chewy. There are also refried beans acting as a sauce of sorts.

It was good and I ended up taking most of it home.



LA is where hamburgers really an American fast food staple. Fatburger is not as good as In n Out but more expensive. I tasted a lot of mustard on the burger, which was dry and chewy. The limp leaf of iceberg lettuce was ridiculous.

The sweet potato fries were nice, otherwise I’d avoid this place and go elsewhere.

Niten Ichiryu Ramen

Of course I was excited when I learnt that Menya Musashi, a Japanese ramen chain, had come to Los Angeles.

On Sawtelle Avenue, there are four blocks of Japanese restaurants.

Look at all the good stuff in that bowl of delicious ramen! Pork belly, fried pork cutlet, onsen egg (😍), seaweed and scallions sat in the bowl waiting to be devoured.

There was a lot of food. I ate all of the meat and drank the broth, but left some noodles in the bowl.


Torta Brava

On my layover from Guatemala back to LA I had hours to burn at Mexico City. I suppose I could have planned it better, but i decided to stop for lunch when I couldn’t ignore hunger anymore.

I added the spicy salsa and pickled vegetables to my torta.

I had the eponymous Torta Brava at Torta Brava. Inside the sandwich was beef (I think) and cheese. This restaurant has been open since 1947 and so close to the Zolcala (city square) I reckoned they were doing something right.

It wasn’t the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but I enjoyed it. The jamaica was served warm, without ice, in a plastic cup.

Grilled Shishito Peppers

As it turns out, shishito peppers taste great grilled and served with soy sauce and sesame oil.

I had this sushi feast at Waku Waku Sake Bar in Hollywood on Cahuenga near Sunset.

The yellowtail, tuna and mackerel were impeccable.

I had miso soup and iced green tea to drink.

Still hungry, I had unagi and a spicy tuna roll. After the mixed tempura, my appetite was sated.