Kung Pao Tacos 

I like to eat out on Friday night and as I work out on Friday I tend to eat at places near the gym.

VeggieGrill is in the same building as 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood so I’ve been going there somewhat often.

I feel like I’m eating at a restaurant in the future as all of the meat there is a meat substitute of some sort.

Chikn is what they call their mock chicken flesh. It’s drier but it’s pretty close to actual chicken.  It is chewy and has a chicken-like texture. 

It was not very spicy, but they had the balance of sweet to spicy on fleek, if you will. 



One of my favorite dishes of any cuisine is bibimbop.

Before the hot stone bowl was brought out, the server delivered kim chi, spicy pickled radish, spinach, rice and a delicious broth. 
A few weeks ago I had a serious craving for Asian food. Koreatown happens to be not far from my neighborhood in Hollywood so I went there. 

In the bowl was beef, an egg, dried seaweed, mung bean sprouts, pickled carrots, shredded Asian radish and sesame seeds. 

I added the chili bean paste known as gochujong which for me is the flavor of Korea. 

Obviously I loved it. 


A blondie is a brownie with white chocolate instead of regular dark chocolate. I had this rich dessert at the cafe inside the LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

It wasn’t cheap, but museum cafes rarely are.

The Chagall exhibit was somewhat interesting. Although I allow myself to eat desserts on the weekends, the blondie was so sweet it made my teeth ache. 

Hot Dog

After walking back from Runyon Canyon some time last month I bought a hot dog from one of the food trucks parked on Hollywood Boulevard.

I asked for the spiciest salsa and it was nice and hot. A long time ago when I was in college I discovered that hot dogs were the laziest way to eat protein. For months I ate microwaved hot dogs with generic brand macaroni and cheese. Later I ate the notorious hot dogs sold at the Eighr Ball Saloon in Ann Arbor. Because of that it took decades to again desire hot dogs. 

This one was pretty good. As it was grilled, it had nice char and was juicy, too. 

Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’

Chickin’ is the proprietary name of a vegetable-derived chicken substitute and I must report that it is indeed meat-like. 

One could be fooled into thinking that one was eating slightly dry, yet chewy chicken. I like the Veggie Grill because it tastes like food of the future. The porcini gravy was very similar to country gravy. 

Check this place out. You will be amazed at how meaty the fake meat options are. 

Truffle Burger

Continuing on my tour of hamburger restaurants, I visited Umami Burger in Hollywood.


It was delicious and very greasy. Truffle cheese, fatty beef and a truffle jus made for a savory feast. 

I would recommend Umami Burger unreservedly. I need to try the other dishes on the menu.