Baja Fish Tacos Plate

Just down the street on Vine Street is Cactus Taqueria. I went here last week and tried the fish tacos.

It was very good. The fish wasn’t tilapia or if it was, it didn’t taste like cardboard. The batter was crispy.

I started off with elote, which is grilled corn on the cob. It was seasoned with lime juice, mayonnaise and chili powder. This was very good.

I had a Jamaica to drink. The house made habanero sauce was fiery. Cactus makes reliably good Mexican food.



I went to the Los Angeles Food Bowl Night Market the weekend before last.

I had read about David Chang’s food for years. So when I heard that Momofuku would be opening a stall there I was very excited.

The food festival was located in Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.

I had to wait 20 minutes to be served.

The cook cutting the meat gave me a free sample of brisket. The meat was salty, savory, fatty and tender.

I loved it.

I ordered both the spicy pork wrap and the salted brisket.

The flatbread was chewy and absorbed the oil well. There was some sort of a pickled vegetable in the salted brisket wrap and parsley, I think.

The spicy pork wrap wasn’t too spicy, but it was likewise delicious. There was a spicy sauce and cilantro present.

Even after eating both, I had some room left so I bought a sea urchin.

I went last Saturday with my brother but it apparently had ended. 😭

Lamb Plate

I finished reading a Persian cookbook not long ago and since then, I’ve been cooking lamb. I’ve been buying ground lamb at the Hollywood Farmers Market and stew meat at Trader Joe’s

On a Wednesday when I didn’t feel like cooking I stopped by Kebab Daddy, a kebab shop of local provenance.

The New Zealand lamb was delicious. The hummus was decent, but the salad was an insipid afterthought.

Okay, the salad wasn’t that bad because I liked the dressing and the olives. The lettuce itself was pale and feeble.

Lamb and Rosemary Pizza

On the menu of Lucifer’s Pizza, this is listed as the Greek Lamb and Rosemary Pizza with feta and kalamata olives.

It’s savory, greasy and salty, which is everything I want in a pizza. The crust was chewy and not too thick.

I’ll give it πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ‘

I don’t like thick crust pizzas. I would recommend this pizzeria and they deliver, too. I think it cost about $30 with tip and delivery for a large.

Bold Ramen

That’s what is called on the menu at Tatsu Ramen .

It occurred to me that I hadn’t had ramen since I left Singapore in August 2016!

According to Yelp and Google, this is the best local ramen restaurant.

How was it?

The broth was delicious. I was very pleased with it. I ordered it with lots of garlic and a fair amount of chilies.

The onsen egg was slightly, ever so slightly overcooked. Instead of the yolk being like runny custard, it was merely soft.

Don’t get me wrong, I devoured it. The kurobota pork was fatty and intensely porky.

This place was fairly busy on the Saturday afternoon I visited.

I got my ramen fix and I left happy.

Quesadilla con Chorizo

No hyperbole, but this quesadilla was executed perfectly.

It’s not Beef Wellington, but it’s reassuring that cooks there have mastered this dish.

Or at least the cook working that night.

Cactus Taqueria, which turns out to be a chain, opened up on Vine, just south of Sunset.

Cactus Taqueria

There was just enough chorizo to flavor the quesadilla but not too much that it fell apart. The grease from the cheese made the texture nice and chewy.

The house made salsas were beyond reproach.

Tamarind soda isn’t my favorite, but it’s not bad.