Fried Chicken Sandwich

On the menu at The Whaler, a sandwich shop in Santa Monica, this is listed as Amber’s Fried Chicken Sandwich.

I haven’t been very diligent in blogging, I must admit.

I last went to Santa Monica in late November or early January.

There was orange cheese and pickle slices in the sandwich. It was delicious. The chicken was spicy and crispy and the meAt itself was moist.

I should visit Santa Monica more often.


Una Torta de Chorizo

I forget what kind of sandwich this was, except that it was spicy. I’m pretty sure it was a torta de chorizo. The sausage was spicy and delicious. The sandwich was huge and i ended up not finishing the bun.

I ordered it Tacos El Gavilan

It is a busy taco shop on Sunset Boulevard and Highland.

The pickles (las aceitunas) were tasty.

There are plenty of decent taco shops like this all over Los Angeles. I would return.

Red-Eye Rabbit Sausage Gravy on Biscuits

I went on a internet date a few weeks ago to Redbird, a fancy restaurant in downtown Los Angeles.

The brunch plate cost about $25. I could look up the price, but my currently mellow state discouraged me from doing so.

Brunch was delicious. The red eye sauce . Mixed in the yolk of the two fried eggs, it was intensely savory and warmly earthy. However the portion was minute. Two plates would have satisfied me. I even had a drink, before which I hadn’t imbibed since a October. I forgot to photograph it. It was a clear Bloody Mary that set me back $15.

My date had this:

The menu looks amazing:

I would return.

Fake Meatballs and Polenta

There is a sushi restaurant and a Veggie Grill right outside the 24 Hour Fitness on Sunset Boulevard.

The Veggie Grill is brightly lit and they have an artisanal soda dispenser. There are often beautiful women dining there too.

The meatballs tasted like turkey meatballs, which is a compliment. They were definitely meaty. The polenta and sauce were both decent. A carnivore would eat this and not suspect that is was vegan.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

I was reading not long ago that Stephen King likes to have grilled cheese and tomato soup when the weather is inclement. I don’t really like his books, but I respect him for selling so many.

I had this at The Melt, a cheese-themed chain restaurant, located on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood.

There were three or more types of cheese in the sandwich which was greasy, salty and delicious. The soup was tangy and tasted fresh.

It was a pleasant comfort food experience.

Xiaolongbao (小笼包)

My brother from Colorado was in town for the holidays, so I told him about the legendary xiaolongbao of Din Tai Fung. Off we went to the city/suburb of Glendale where in a giant mall was located a location of that Shanghaiese by way of Taiwan restaurant.


Were the dumplings, full of minced pork and broth as good as they were in Singapore?

Yes. They were perfect. While the menu here is shorter than the menu at the Singapore locations (and no chicken rice, sadly) the Din Tai Fung machine does its job well. The broth was porky and hot, but not hot enough to burn the mouth.

Chicken dumplings were likewise amazing. The broth was intensely flavorful.

Water spinach was not on the menu, so we got spinach and garlic.

It was also perfectly cooked. There were no particles of sand in the spinach at all.

Pork steamed buns were great.

Red bean dumplings were good, but after having five I was finished. They were sweet, but not overly so.