In N Out Cheeseburger

At one time in my life I thought In N Out was the Alpha and Omega of fast food burgers. At one time I guess it has. But the burger Renaissance which began about a decade ago, has left In N Out behind. Don’t get me wrong- it’s much better than Wendy’s or McDonald’s or Burger King. 

But Five Guys is better. 

The bun is light, similar to challah or a brioche. It was not greasy at all and I could have easily eaten two of them. Vegetables are an afterthought and the thin leaf of lettuce was sad. 

The fries were too dry. 

It’s over between me and In N Out. I’ve moved on to better cheeseburgers. 

Spotburger with Cheese

A few weeks ago I found myself in Carpintería, California.

Since The Spot appeared to be a local institution, lunch there would mr the most blogworthy, I reckoned. 

It was a decently cooked cheeseburger served with romaine lettuce, a slice of tomato, ketchup and mustard. I believe there were pickles in the sandwich, of the sour variety. The patty had a nice char on it. The bun was toasted perfectly. 

They had a minimalist condiment bar and I availed myself of sport peppers, the provenance of the name both eluded me then and now. 

Favaba Asturiana

Two weeks ago when I was on vacation in Mexico City I saw an old school Spanish restaurant whilst strolling and I returned for dinner one night.

Their house specialty was paella valenciana but they had other beef dishes, all meant to be shared by two people. I don’t have the appetite I once had so I ordered favaba asturiana off the Especialidades portion of the menu not knowing what it was.

It was a stew of fava beans and morcilla, Spanish blood sausage. The olive oil I wa instructed to add to the bowl was fruity and very fresh tasting. 

Given that it was chilly and rainy outside this homely dish was welcome. 

I had felt that i needed vegetables in my diet so I ordered the avocado cocktail as an first course.

It was very good. 

The sangria was made of red wine, rum and Sprite. 

Bistec y Salada

There was another name for this thin slice of a ribeye steak but I can’t remember it. The steak was thin, but with fries, salad, soup and fresh limeade it only came to 100 pesos or so, which is a little over five dollars. The wifi at the hotel where I stayed, the Hotel Plaza Garibaldi was terrible and often didn’t work at all so I regret not being to report on this meal when my memory was fresher.

I was walking by this impressive medieval looking building when hunger persuaded me to order in the cafe within.

It is the former convent of Saint Hippolytus, en español el Ex Convento de Santo Ippolito. 

It wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had but for five dollars I was pleased. 

There were many religious items sold for sale in the vicinity including these of Jesus.

Fried Oysters

This was a while ago. Anyway on the same day and the same time I was hanging out with one of my brothers in LA, we went to the Central Market and after having seafood tacos at some other stall I was still hungry. 

Bombo is a seafood stall that mostly fries seafood. Anyway, their fried oysters with fried potatoes and house made rouille was good.

Honestly, raw oysters are my favorite way to eat this mollusk. They are still tasty fried. 
So if you happen to find yourself in Los Ángeles I would recommend visiting the Central Market. 


I don’t remember if I had ever eaten this cheeseburger from Wendy’s long ago or not.

Coming back from a family event with my brother who lives in Hollywood we pulled off somewhere around Huntington Beach to get something to eat.

While I prefer steak to be cooked rare, the charred well doneness of this burger pleased me. The cheese was waxy, the bacon cheesy, but I devoured it. It wasn’t great by any means, but hunger is the best spice, as they say. 

There were no vegetables at all in the burger, not even the idea of iceberg lettuce.