Adobo Chikn

Veggie Grill has a new summer menu. I tried their Filipino Adobo Chiken. The chiken has the texture and flavor of chicken meat. There were long beans and pickled vegetables in the bowl atop quinoa.

Not spicy, but savory and sour. I enjoyed it.


Sliced Beef Pho

Pho is definitely one of the best hangover cures ever concocted. 

Sliced beef pho, purchased and consumed by me at Nam Nam Noodle Bar in the mall known as Raffles City did a stellar job of restoring my vigor. Soft slices of beef, scallions, cilantro, red chilies and rice noodles floated in a savory, yet somewhat sweet broth. 

This was given to me gratis, but my stomach wasn’t ready for it. I think it was shrimp paste and coconut milk, 

Short Ribs on Vermicelli 

Last Sunday I went to Pasar Bella and tried this dish from the Vietnamese stall there, An An. 

The ribs had been deboned and served atop vermicelli with chilies, shredded pickled carrots, romaine lettuce, basil leaves, red cabbage and peanuts. Dressed with fish sauce, it was flavorful and delicious. The fried spring rolls were okay. 

The lemon slushie was tasty, but a little sweet. It would have been improved with a little lime juice. 

An An serves good food and I wil return, although I only have 58 days left in Singapore. 

Coconut Ice Cream and Sticky Rice

Last weekend I felt a sudden yearning for Asian food, so instead of getting breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery, I went to Com Nam, the Vietnamese broken rice restaurant. 

That’s what I had for dessert. Ice cream made with coconut milk, sticky rice and some chocolate syrup. The sticky rice, which had almost a fruity sweetness, was the best part. I couldn’t finish it all.

What I had first was broken rice topped with marinated pork belly, prawns, a poached egg, chili slices and some cilantro. The juices from the pork soaked into the broken rice, which has the texture of couscous. 

It was delicious. Salty, savory and spicy, I ate it with a spoon. 

The lime soda with sugar cane was very nice.