Chikn Burrito

This mock chicken burrito was pretty tasty. The chikn doesn’t have a nice meaty texture and taste.

It could have been spicier, but I enjoyed it.


Fake Meatballs and Polenta

There is a sushi restaurant and a Veggie Grill right outside the 24 Hour Fitness on Sunset Boulevard.

The Veggie Grill is brightly lit and they have an artisanal soda dispenser. There are often beautiful women dining there too.

The meatballs tasted like turkey meatballs, which is a compliment. They were definitely meaty. The polenta and sauce were both decent. A carnivore would eat this and not suspect that is was vegan.

Rustic Farm Bowl

There’s a vegan fast food restaurant near the gym where I go and I’ll sometimes go there on a Friday.

The apple-sage sausage was vegan and surprisingly meatike in texture. I could have eaten several of them. There was also roasted sweet potato, broccoli pesto which was lemony and somehow buttery as well as roasted peppers and farro, an obscure grain I’ve made for lunch before.

I tried the mint basil lemonade which is very good.



Still interested in the mock meats of Veggie Grill I had high expectations for the smoked tempeh masquerading as bacon.

The tempeh looked and tasted like crunchy bacon. My complaint is that there just wasn’t enough of it.

The vegan mayonnaise tasted like mayonnaise.

Besides the food of the future, the artisanal soda is another draw at least for me to visit the Veggie Grill.


Fala-Full Sandwich

I returned yet another time to the Veggie Grill after the gym on a Friday night. The menu has begun to bore me as I’ve tried most or all of the mock meat dishes.

So I ordered the falafel sandwich. Tabbouleh was served on the side and in the pita bread along with the chickpea fritters was pepperoncini, cilantro and skchug sauce, which is described by Wikipedia as a Yemeni hot sauce.

It was good and I will return to try their mock turkey dinner.


Kung Pao Tacos 

I like to eat out on Friday night and as I work out on Friday I tend to eat at places near the gym.

VeggieGrill is in the same building as 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood so I’ve been going there somewhat often.

I feel like I’m eating at a restaurant in the future as all of the meat there is a meat substitute of some sort.

Chikn is what they call their mock chicken flesh. It’s drier but it’s pretty close to actual chicken.  It is chewy and has a chicken-like texture. 

It was not very spicy, but they had the balance of sweet to spicy on fleek, if you will. 


Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’

Chickin’ is the proprietary name of a vegetable-derived chicken substitute and I must report that it is indeed meat-like. 

One could be fooled into thinking that one was eating slightly dry, yet chewy chicken. I like the Veggie Grill because it tastes like food of the future. The porcini gravy was very similar to country gravy.
Check this place out. You will be amazed at how meaty the fake meat options are.