Tres Pinches Tacos 

A couple of weeks ago I really needed a break from grading so I took the train to Santa Monica. 

I had seen another location of the chain in Hollywood  on my four times a week run. 

I also had a cup of jamaica. The fish taco was light and fresh I don’t remember what kind of fish it was, but I remember it being noticeably fresh. The carnitas taco was also good. I don’t recall what the third taco was.


Checkers Korean Barbecue 

I’m going to call this a Korean barbecue because it is. It’s modern and maybe is courting whitey with more familiar items on the menu like liquid cheese. 

The pork was very good as was the kim chee. Someone told me one can judge a Korean restaurant by the quality of their kim chee and I suppose this augured well for this establishment. It was fun to gorge on spicy protein.

The potato salad was also good. Potato salads remind me of going to Murray’s Lake when I was a kid. 

Here are more photos from that night:

Chicken Biryani

I don’t often get cravings for Indian cuisine, but sometimes I do and last Sunday I indulged this craving at the food court at the Kranji MRT station.

As you can see, besides the large portion of chicken biryani there were also beans and eggplant. I enjoyed the spicy and oily curry gravy. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I had also ordered egg prata.

It was a lot of food, but it was a nice break from my usual diet of Chinese and Western cuisine.

Afterwards I went to the races and won $21. Woo hoo!

Hazelnut Shrimp Roll (榛子虾卷)

Sometimes something on the menu sounds better than it is in reality. I love hazelnuts and I like shrimp. 

This huge fried roll appeared before me at this restaurant near Bugis, Xin Yuan Ji. I don’t think there was anything wrong with the execution, it is just the dish I didn’t love, a paste of shrimp and hazelnuts wrapped in tofu skin and deep-fried. 

Live and learn. 

The bean sprouts were tasty. I think I’ll return for the chicken. Soy sauce, chilies, basil leaves and fried garlic made for a delicious side dish. 

Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)

It’s a real Chinese dish and to prove it, I have photographic evidence from 川味坊, Sichuan Square. (Thanks, Google Translate). 

The familiar ingredients were all there: diced chicken, peanuts, chilies and zucchini. This being a Sichuan restaurant, Sichuan peppers were present too. In small amounts I like them, but they can numb the taste buds. 

Bitter gourd can be good, say doused in sesame oil with salt. Bitter gourds with chilies was not to my liking. 

I was still hungry, so I ordered Sichuan sausage which came home with me and found itself in a few tasty sandwiches for lunch. 

Seafood Fried Rice (海鲜炒饭)

As Cantonese food was my entry to the wonderful world of Chinese cuisine, eating dishes like fried rice bring back memories of Chinese takeout brought home by my dad long ago. I remember my dad bringing home fried rice back in Queens, New York, when I was five years old. 

The seafood fried rice I had at Hongguo was nice and greasy, just how fried rice is supposed to be. In the rice were squid rings, shrimp and egg. Chilies made it pleasantly spicy. 

I also had cucumbers with garlic and green beans fried with minced pork. 

Hongguo is a decent restaurant. They serve good Cantonese cuisine for less money than Crystal Jade. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

A few weeks ago I felt a craving for Indian food, so I went to Little India after work. 

I was starving, so I went to the first place which caught my eye.

I also ordered garlic naan and dhal. Usually, chicken ordered at an Indian restaurant has had its skin removed. Not so here. I don’t mind the bones, but unless it’s roasted or fried, I don’t want skin on my chicken. Were they too busy or lazy to skin the bird? 

I’ll never know.

I love spicy food, but the sauce was just oil and chilies. The naan and the dhal were okay. 

I felt the chili oil burn through my system. 

I wasn’t impressed with Pak Kashmiri Delights.

The mango lassi helped quench the burning.

Not far away was a better restaurant.

The dosai was just what I was looking for. Inside were mashed potatoes seasoned with turmeric. The three sauces served were a coconut sambal, dhal and a spicy tomato sauce.