Singapore Style Rice Noodles

Only three blocks from my apartment is an outlet of a local noodle restaurant chain, Noodle World Jr.

I had it once before when I just moved in.

The portion was huge! There were decent sized shrimp, strips of pork, scallions tossed in rice noodles. Of course I added chili paste!

It was delicious and reminded me of my time in Singapore.

Singapore Noodles

For the three people who read this blog…huzzah!

Rejoice for I have moved to Hollywood and there are many interesting and inexpensive restaurants around. 

It’s close to kway teow, with plenty of bak kwah pork tossed with shrimp and scallions and mung bean sprouts. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. It was one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had in California.
It was very good.

I added all of that chili oil which wasn’t that fiery.

Now I know that los palillos means chopsticks (筷子). 

I started off with a huge seaweed salad. 

I recommend Noodle World.
It’s only two (!!!) blocks from my new apartment!

Claypot Pork 

My second to last night in Singapore I had this dish.

Pork, chilies and scallions were cooked in a savory soy-based sauce in a claypot and served with white rice. It was okay. There really wasn’t that much to eat and there were a lot of scallions. I had this at the coffeeshop at the corner of Lorong 29 and Geylang Avenue. 

Some photos of Geylang. 

Mixed Rice Dinner

My last few days in Singapore I decided to eat closer to home. There are many such restaurants in Geylang which serve a variety of Chinese dishes and most of the time they are pretty cheap.

This plate had a kelp salad served cold, Sichuan green beans, pork and chicken. My eyes were bigger than my mouth and I couldn’t eat it all. 

Another night I had this plate of tomatoes cooked with eggs, water spinach and chewy tofu. 

The last time I visited this establishment on Lorong 25 in Geylang I had pork and cabbage, water spinach with garlic and a sprout mixture. These cheap, delicious and cheap dinners is what I’ll miss most about Singapore. 

My last night in Singapore I had this simple meal.
It was actually at the food court next door. 

Nasi Lemak

This was one of the best examples of nasi lemak I’ve ever had.

Nasi Lemak means ‘fragrant rice’ in Malay. The rice is cooked with coconut milk and pandas leaves. Around the rice was a fried chicken leg, cucumber slices, crackers, fried anchovies, peanuts and a raisin onion sambal. There was also a dollop of chili paste. 

I really liked it. This was at the Old Town Coffee Restaurant in the Kallang Wave Shopping Center. 


Rojak is a famous Malaysian- Singaporean dish I would call a salad. Green mangoes, cucumbers, pineapple, chunks of oil fritter (you tiao)and bananas dressed in a sweet and sour sauce made of banana flowers ( sometimes) sugar, soy sauce and vinegar. It’s also dusted with crushed peanuts. 

I had this at the Food Republic on the fourth floor of 313 Somerset. I also had white carrot cake, which is basically an omelet made with chunks of white carrot.