I had heard about this Persian a few times and curiosity compelled me to try and make it.

That was the final result. Although it didn’t look impressive, it was happily received by my audience, in this case my parents. 

I started off with walnuts.

Then I roasted them in the oven.

When the walnuts had cooled down, I put them into the food processor. 

I took a butternut squash and shredded it. 

I diced chicken breasts and thighs for flavor, I’m in the habit of dicing  chicken, but Persians probably would have tossed the chicken parts in the pot.

I cooked the chicken in the pot.

After it was browned, I took it out. 

It wasn’t really browned because I tossed it all into the pot, rather than cooking it in batches. 

I then added butter to the pot and then a chopped red onion.

Then I added the walnut paste and the pomegranate molasses.

I then added the shredded squash, saffron, cinnamon and the chicken stock. 

Last I put the chicken back into the pot and cooked it for awhile to let the flavors mix and sauce reduce. 

Savory, earthy and tangy, I loved it. I enjoyed the texture as well. 

I served it on rice with a side salad of cucumbers, parsley, tomatoes and red onion.