As much Korean food as I had consumed, I had never had these cold noodles. As I had arrived at The Wiltern early to see Deafheaven I decided to eat Korean fare before rocking out.

The proprietor was trying to convince me not to order the Naengmyeon, but I relented.

In the cold broth was vinegar, ginger, buckwheat noodles and slices of daikon.

There was also a hard boiled egg in the bowl. I enjoyed dinner and the concert.

Deafheaven concert

Korean Barbecue

One day a few weeks ago, my brother rolled into town and we went to Koreatown. Hamji Park BBQ looked promising so that’s where we went.

We had the marinated sirloin and the pork kimchi soup. I was pleased.


One of my favorite dishes of any cuisine is bibimbop.

Before the hot stone bowl was brought out, the server delivered kim chi, spicy pickled radish, spinach, rice and a delicious broth. 
A few weeks ago I had a serious craving for Asian food. Koreatown happens to be not far from my neighborhood in Hollywood so I went there. 

In the bowl was beef, an egg, dried seaweed, mung bean sprouts, pickled carrots, shredded Asian radish and sesame seeds. 

I added the chili bean paste known as gochujong which for me is the flavor of Korea. 

Obviously I loved it. 

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken 

Not only have I been craving Asian food recently, but also fried chicken. I want to check out Roscoe’s Fried Chicken, but I’ll reserve that for a date.

I went to Chicken Day, a Korean fried chicken restaurant not far from my apartment.
The skin was crispy, although I’ve had crispier chicken, notably at Bonchon in Singapore.

The sauce was sticky and slightly spicy. I devoured it. Of course, i used chopsticks as I have mad chopsticks skills. 

I also walked around afterwards. 


Apparently Chamchi is a Korean rice cake made of warm rice, seaweed, tuna and chilies. I liked it a lot. It was almost like a warm salad. 

That’s it on the right. I ate this at Choo Choo Chicken, the Korean fried chicken restaurant, this location in Bugis, on Bali Lane. The kim chee was good, slightly sweet and almost like a tomato chili jam.

The garlic fried chicken fingers were good.

The Choo Choo Cocktail was made of soju and was fruity. I don’t remember what else was in it.

I passed a building that I’ll miss when I leave Singapore in 30 days.

Bibimbap (Paik’s Bibim)

Last Sunday, on my way to Pasar Bella, the so-called hipster food court, located inside Suntec City, I decided to have dinner at Paik’s Bibim, a Korean chain restaurant. 

It was different from other bibimbap since had because there wasn’t an egg. There was pickled white carrot, mushrooms, pickled carrots, zucchini strips and strangely, for me, anyway, shredded romaine lettuce. The pork was sweet. 

The kim chee was made of white carrot strips. 

The pear juice was good. It was a nice, light dinner and tasted authentic, but I missed the egg.