The Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwich

So that seminar for work I signed up for sent me to the netherworld of Northridge. I suppose there were better, more expensive restaurants, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I returned to the large, yet mediocre and uninspiring food court of the local mall.

They serve a dipping sauce on the side, so I asked for a creamy garlic flavor. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and I love bacon, but fuck! This sandwich was so salty! Not only could I not finish the sandwich, I only ate two or three fries. I honestly think salt was added to the grilled cheese besides the already saltiness of Cheddar cheese and bacon.

If you happen to visit the Northridge Mall, don’t have high expectations for the mall cuisine served therein.


Pepperoni Jalapeño Pizza Meal

Part of my job requires me to attend personal development seminars which are held at various middle schools.

This one seminar in particular was hosted at a middle school in Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley. I didn’t bring lunch because it was a Saturday and I’m not bringing a boxed lunch on a Saturday.

When we had a lunch break I headed to the local mall and then to the food court. There weren’t many good options, so I tried the soi-disant Italian kitchen.

The pizza was better than high school cafeteria pizza, but not much better. It was as good as Little Caesar’s pizza, which is to say mediocre. The Greek side salad wasn’t bad at all.

Hot Dog

After walking back from Runyon Canyon some time last month I bought a hot dog from one of the food trucks parked on Hollywood Boulevard.

I asked for the spiciest salsa and it was nice and hot. A long time ago when I was in college I discovered that hot dogs were the laziest way to eat protein. For months I ate microwaved hot dogs with generic brand macaroni and cheese. Later I ate the notorious hot dogs sold at the Eighr Ball Saloon in Ann Arbor. Because of that it took decades to again desire hot dogs. 

This one was pretty good. As it was grilled, it had nice char and was juicy, too. 

Backyard Spicy Fried Chickin’

Chickin’ is the proprietary name of a vegetable-derived chicken substitute and I must report that it is indeed meat-like. 

One could be fooled into thinking that one was eating slightly dry, yet chewy chicken. I like the Veggie Grill because it tastes like food of the future. The porcini gravy was very similar to country gravy.
Check this place out. You will be amazed at how meaty the fake meat options are. 

Truffle Burger

Continuing on my tour of hamburger restaurants, I visited Umami Burger in Hollywood.

It was delicious and very greasy. Truffle cheese, fatty beef and a truffle jus made for a savory feast. 

I would recommend Umami Burger unreservedly. I need to try the other dishes on the menu. 

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken 

Not only have I been craving Asian food recently, but also fried chicken. I want to check out Roscoe’s Fried Chicken, but I’ll reserve that for a date.

I went to Chicken Day, a Korean fried chicken restaurant not far from my apartment.
The skin was crispy, although I’ve had crispier chicken, notably at Bonchon in Singapore.

The sauce was sticky and slightly spicy. I devoured it. Of course, i used chopsticks as I have mad chopsticks skills. 

I also walked around afterwards. 

Slice of Cheese Pizza 

A few weeks ago I was walking around the neighborhood and dinner hadn’t quite filled me up so I had a slice of New York style pizza on Hollywood Boulevard near around Mann’s Chinese Theatre or naybe to the west of it.

It was delicious! I loved the way the cheese was cooked in a few spots. The crust was light and chewy and the sauce was not acidic. That’s one type of tomato sauce I don’t like. 

I ate my pizza and left contented.