Bold Ramen

That’s what is called on the menu at Tatsu Ramen .

It occurred to me that I hadn’t had ramen since I left Singapore in August 2016!

According to Yelp and Google, this is the best local ramen restaurant.

How was it?

The broth was delicious. I was very pleased with it. I ordered it with lots of garlic and a fair amount of chilies.

The onsen egg was slightly, ever so slightly overcooked. Instead of the yolk being like runny custard, it was merely soft.

Don’t get me wrong, I devoured it. The kurobota pork was fatty and intensely porky.

This place was fairly busy on the Saturday afternoon I visited.

I got my ramen fix and I left happy.


Fried Salmon Skin Roll

The WordPress app just crashed after I had almost finished this post, so I suspect this post won’t be as long.

Blue C Sushi is located on Sunset Boulevard and Ivar.

Blue C Sushi

Crunchy, salty and savory I devoured this.

The dragon roll was decent.

Usually I don’t order rolls, but these Americanisms are the house specialty.

I prefer sashimi and nigiri to rolls, but this would be a fun place to take a date.

Yellowtail Sashimi Garlic Ponzu Sauce

Last week an old friend was in town, so we went to Sushi Stop, a surprisingly affordable yet good sushi restaurant in Hollywood next door to the Upright Citizens Brigade club.

I had more before I thought about taking pictures, on account of the medicine I had taken. 

My buddy isn’t the adventurous eater that I am, so I couldn’t convince him to try sweet shrimp (amaebi). 

All of the fish was excellent as well as the echinoderm (sea urchin) and crustacean (sweet shrimp). 
I didn’t see any celebrities but there were plenty of attractive women.

I recommend the place.

Tuna Sampler

Last week, after walking around Runyon Canyon with my brother who lives in Hollywood we went here for lunch. Sushi Stop is right next door to the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. 

It was pretty cheap as sushi goes and the quality was decent. Those three pieces of sushi were only $7.

I also had sea urchin, mackerel and yellow tail. The sea urchin was okay, but then again excellent sea urchin to me is just pulled from the sea and split open.

The seaweed salad was fair and I liked the popcorn shrimp roll. It was delicious.

I would recommend Sushi Stop highly. 

Runyon Canyon Park has great views at the top. 

Hokkaido Melon KitKat 

There were all kinds of exotic snacks and candy at Tokyo Narita airport where I transited through a few weeks ago. I like the idea of differently flavored KiTKats, although some like crème brulée and green tea didn’t excite me. The former because it was just overly sweet and the latter because one can have too much green tea flavor. 

White chocolate and honeydew sounded like it could be a good flavor pairing. 

It was sweet, but it definitely tasted like honeydew melon. I might not have it again, but I’d recommend candy aficionados to try it. 

In Flight Breakfast Tokyo-Los Angeles ( JAL)

It was not s typical breakfast and I think they called it lunch although it was the meal served after they woke us up as the plane approached LAX.

I had the proprietary kiwi drink and it was okay. The Yoshinoya meal was do-it-yourself. 

The beef was a little tough. I added pickled ginger, a packet of egg yolk, black pepper and Japanese chili flakes. It was pretty good! If Yoshinoya sold this meal I would make more of an effort going there. 

In-Flight Dinner Tokyo to Los Angeles (Japan Airlines)

Breaded swordfish sounds wrong, but as the main course of an airline meal it was pretty good.

I liked the egg sauce, too. 

Miso soup, a fruit salad (kiwi, pineapple, melon and persimmon) a green salad, a tiny potato salad and mixed vegetables (I don’t remember what they were) made for a good airline dinner. 

The seaweed crackers were okay. 

I had already seen most of the movies. I ended up watching Spotlight and Zootopia.