Ayam Penyet (Smashed Chicken)

One of my last meals in Singapore was fried chicken, Malay-style.

The fried chicken was decent and the sambal was fiery!

The fried fish cake was nice and chewy. 

With the hard boiled egg there was enough protein but the meal was lacking in vegetables. 


Oxtail Fried Rice

After I watched the Suicide Squad at Cineleisure Orchard I went down to the basement to have dinner. There is a branch of a chain of Indonesian food restaurants there, Es Teler 77 there. 

I was annoyed that they omitted all chilies from my dinner, assuming that all whiteys can’t handle spicy food.

The pieces of oxtail meat were tough but savory. There wasn’t much. I don’t think I’ll return. 

I caught a Tangela after leaving. 

Daging Penyet Sambal Hijau (Smashed Beef with Green Chili Sauce)

This was spicy! I had some time to kill before I watched the latest Star Trek movie at Cineleisure Orchard. Down in the basement is a decent food court. Well, cheap anyway. But the Indonesian food stall sells good food. 

The ‘smashed’ beef was fried and covered with a fiery green sambal. To make it a balanced meal there was some cabbage, cucumber slices and fried tofu.

I enjoyed the chicken broth. It helped quench the burning sensation of the sambal. 

Star Trek was enjoyable but not especially memorable. Defeating aliens by playing ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys was ridiculous. 

Spicy Grilled Duck Leg (Bebek Bakar Woku)

This was the last dinner I ate in Bali, one week ago. This was at Gapet, which was rated number one a week ago on Tripadvisor. 

While the server and the menu warned of its spiciness, I didn’t think it was that spicy.

The roasted duck was cooked well as the fat was rendered nicely. The chunky sauce was made of lemongrass, chilies, shallots, lime juice and garlic. There was sambal, a shallot-chili relish and a spicy cabbage side salad. 

It was good, but I could have eaten two portions. 

Babi Lalapi

Not too hungry, I went across the street to this unnamed Balinese restaurant.

Fried pork, raw cabbage, green beans, sliced tomatoes and cucumber were served with two types of sambal. One was made of shallots, garlic and chili, the other roasted chilies and garlic. 

Earlier today I had walked down to the beach.

One more full day in Bali as I return to Singapore Sunday afternoon. 

Shrimp-Tuna Satay

I used to think that satay was chunks of skewered meat, grilled on a charcoal flame and served with a peanut sauce. At this place and at Warung Nia, I had seafood mince wrapped around a stalk of lemongrass and then grilled.

I saw Sambal Shrimp a few times while riding around. But I had first read about it on Tripadvisor where it is highly rated. 

The presentation was very nice, the skewers bound together with a chili pepper. I liked these skewers and I could have eaten more. 

Oddly, the shrimp and vegetables of the shrimp gazpacho were served separately. Regardless, it was delicious. I can’t remember the last time I had gazpacho. I liked the smoky flavor of the roasted tomatoes. 

I didn’t feel like drinking booze, so I had this guava juice.

So I had dessert, a Thai basil-yogurt sorbet. I loved this. 

Babi Rica-Rica 

Right across the street from the Destiny Hotel is this Balinese restaurant serving pork and other meats.

I had never heard of rica-rica sauce. Here’s a link to a recipe:

The sauce was mildly spicy and I could taste lemon grass and lime leaves. It was tasty. 

I also had gado-gado. This was the best gado-gado I’ve ever had. There was water spinach, carrots, kailan and onions. I love peanut sauce and this was a good one. 

The rustic tables were nice.