Poke Bowl

Two weeks ago I had a job interview in Watts. That’s far away so I went to a gym near there, actually in Alhambra, California. After working out I decided to have dinner at a poke restaurant near the gym. There were several Asian restaurants near that gym and i might return to try them out when I move to the city.

I ordered a standard bowl with a larger serving of protein, which in this case was diced tuna. The bowl looked pretty with all those colors. I liked it. The fish was fresh and the mix of jellyfish and rice and scallions and other vegetables was tasty.

Poke is future food, assuming tuna doesn’t go extinct. 



I finally tried poke at a Hawaiian chain restaurant in Sherman Oaks. It was very good. Of course I had many a rice bowl in Singapore, but this was the first time I had some dish called poke. I’m not sure if it’s authentic or not.

Lots of nice fresh maguro, flying fish roe, and pickled seaweed was served to me at this place. 

I still feel like a tourist in Los Angeles. There was also miso soup which I hadn’t had in months. 

So my first experience with this chain restaurant was positive.