Singapore Noodles

For the three people who read this blog…huzzah!

Rejoice for I have moved to Hollywood and there are many interesting and inexpensive restaurants around. 

It’s close to kway teow, with plenty of bak kwah pork tossed with shrimp and scallions and mung bean sprouts. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. It was one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had in California.
It was very good.

I added all of that chili oil which wasn’t that fiery.

Now I know that los palillos means chopsticks (筷子). 

I started off with a huge seaweed salad. 

I recommend Noodle World.
It’s only two (!!!) blocks from my new apartment!


Pollo Tai Fideos 

I like the idea of fusion restaurants. Sometimes fusion can be amazing. I want to support establishments which do something different, however sometimes such efforts fail as was the case with these Thai noodles with chicken.

As I was strolling through Zona Roma in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago my curiosity was piqued by an interesting menu at a small cafe.

I deduced that nueces de la India were cashews. This bowl of noodles with soy sauce, cilantro, chilies and ginger could have been good. I couldn’t detect any noticeable Mexican influence in this dish as cilantro and chilies are used in both Thai and Mexican cookingz 

The bell peppers were mushy and I only found one sliver of a chili and two cashews. 

The menu looked good and I wanted to love the food.

The ginger soda was good.

Tuna Sampler

Last week, after walking around Runyon Canyon with my brother who lives in Hollywood we went here for lunch. Sushi Stop is right next door to the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. 

It was pretty cheap as sushi goes and the quality was decent. Those three pieces of sushi were only $7.

I also had sea urchin, mackerel and yellow tail. The sea urchin was okay, but then again excellent sea urchin to me is just pulled from the sea and split open.

The seaweed salad was fair and I liked the popcorn shrimp roll. It was delicious.

I would recommend Sushi Stop highly. 

Runyon Canyon Park has great views at the top. 

Fried Chicken Burrito

I went to Danny Trejo’s Cantina this afternoon with one of my brothers.

Danny Trejo’s pockmarked visage is omnipresent in this restaurant on Cahuenga Avenue in Hollywood. The menu looks good and I will return. 

This was awesome! Crispy strips of fried chicken, corn, rice, black beans, cheese and tomato were put together to make a tasty meal. 

The house chipotle sauce was savory and earthy but the house hot sauce was even better. 
There are so many reasonably priced restaurants in Los Angeles I really have to step up my game, as it were.  

Ding Dong 

Reviews of this restaurant and its menu piqued my interest, so when my girlfriend came to visit me we went here on a Wednesday when I finished work before lunch.

We both ordered the three course lunch and we both got the papaya salad with prawns as a first course. I liked it. Th prawns were huge and cooked perfectly. The salad was spicy and sour. 

For my main course I opted for the fried pork belly. It was served with a pineapple jam, sliced Japanese cucumber and cilantro. I ate it all. It was savory, crunchy, sweet and sour. 

My girlfriend had the lychee-glazed mackerel which she didn’t like. It was overcooked. 

For dessert I had the natto- salted caramel ice cream with a brownie. 

I liked the ice cream as the savory nuttiness of the natto complemented the caramel well. The brownie was more like chocolate bread as it was not moist. Moistness is essential for a brownie, as is chewiness. 

My girlfriend liked her soursop dessert. I liked it too.


Apparently Chamchi is a Korean rice cake made of warm rice, seaweed, tuna and chilies. I liked it a lot. It was almost like a warm salad. 

That’s it on the right. I ate this at Choo Choo Chicken, the Korean fried chicken restaurant, this location in Bugis, on Bali Lane. The kim chee was good, slightly sweet and almost like a tomato chili jam.

The garlic fried chicken fingers were good.

The Choo Choo Cocktail was made of soju and was fruity. I don’t remember what else was in it.

I passed a building that I’ll miss when I leave Singapore in 30 days.

Heart Attack Rice with Steak

Because Cakifornia Fitness had shut down, I tried out a gym in the Cathay complex. I didn’t join because it would have been too expensive for one month. Afterwards I checked out the food options in the basement and settled on 18 Chefs, a Western-fusion restaurant.

Heart attack rice is one of their signature dishes. I guess it is so named because it is greasy. Anyway, the NZ steak cooked rate was a little tough, but tasty. The dish could have used some green vegetables as an accompiament. The chili garlic sauce was good, but I wanted to enjoy the flavor of steak on its own. I ate it with the rice instead. 

The mushroom soup was decent.