Grilled Shishito Peppers

As it turns out, shishito peppers taste great grilled and served with soy sauce and sesame oil.

I had this sushi feast at Waku Waku Sake Bar in Hollywood on Cahuenga near Sunset.

The yellowtail, tuna and mackerel were impeccable.

I had miso soup and iced green tea to drink.

Still hungry, I had unagi and a spicy tuna roll. After the mixed tempura, my appetite was sated.


Fried Salmon Skin Roll

The WordPress app just crashed after I had almost finished this post, so I suspect this post won’t be as long.

Blue C Sushi is located on Sunset Boulevard and Ivar.

Blue C Sushi

Crunchy, salty and savory I devoured this.

The dragon roll was decent.

Usually I don’t order rolls, but these Americanisms are the house specialty.

I prefer sashimi and nigiri to rolls, but this would be a fun place to take a date.

Kung Pao Tacos 

I like to eat out on Friday night and as I work out on Friday I tend to eat at places near the gym.

VeggieGrill is in the same building as 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood so I’ve been going there somewhat often.

I feel like I’m eating at a restaurant in the future as all of the meat there is a meat substitute of some sort.

Chikn is what they call their mock chicken flesh. It’s drier but it’s pretty close to actual chicken.  It is chewy and has a chicken-like texture. 

It was not very spicy, but they had the balance of sweet to spicy on fleek, if you will. 

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken 

Not only have I been craving Asian food recently, but also fried chicken. I want to check out Roscoe’s Fried Chicken, but I’ll reserve that for a date.

I went to Chicken Day, a Korean fried chicken restaurant not far from my apartment.
The skin was crispy, although I’ve had crispier chicken, notably at Bonchon in Singapore.

The sauce was sticky and slightly spicy. I devoured it. Of course, i used chopsticks as I have mad chopsticks skills. 

I also walked around afterwards. 

Singapore Noodles

For the three people who read this blog…huzzah!

Rejoice for I have moved to Hollywood and there are many interesting and inexpensive restaurants around. 

It’s close to kway teow, with plenty of bak kwah pork tossed with shrimp and scallions and mung bean sprouts. The shrimp was cooked perfectly. It was one of the best Asian dishes I’ve had in California.
It was very good.

I added all of that chili oil which wasn’t that fiery.

Now I know that los palillos means chopsticks (筷子). 

I started off with a huge seaweed salad. 

I recommend Noodle World.
It’s only two (!!!) blocks from my new apartment!

Pollo Tai Fideos 

I like the idea of fusion restaurants. Sometimes fusion can be amazing. I want to support establishments which do something different, however sometimes such efforts fail as was the case with these Thai noodles with chicken.

As I was strolling through Zona Roma in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago my curiosity was piqued by an interesting menu at a small cafe.

I deduced that nueces de la India were cashews. This bowl of noodles with soy sauce, cilantro, chilies and ginger could have been good. I couldn’t detect any noticeable Mexican influence in this dish as cilantro and chilies are used in both Thai and Mexican cookingz 

The bell peppers were mushy and I only found one sliver of a chili and two cashews. 

The menu looked good and I wanted to love the food.

The ginger soda was good.

Tuna Sampler

Last week, after walking around Runyon Canyon with my brother who lives in Hollywood we went here for lunch. Sushi Stop is right next door to the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. 

It was pretty cheap as sushi goes and the quality was decent. Those three pieces of sushi were only $7.

I also had sea urchin, mackerel and yellow tail. The sea urchin was okay, but then again excellent sea urchin to me is just pulled from the sea and split open.

The seaweed salad was fair and I liked the popcorn shrimp roll. It was delicious.

I would recommend Sushi Stop highly. 

Runyon Canyon Park has great views at the top.