Mango Sticky Rice

I was excited to have authentic Thai food with the possibility that mango sticky rice would be available when my brother and I went to a Thai restaurant in Hollywood near Little Armenia. Called Crispy Pork Gang and Grill, located in a small strip mall inhabited by other Siamese establishments. 

What makes this dessert remarkable is the sweet, fatty and saltiness of the glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and a perfectly ripe mango, both intensely sour and fruity and floral. 

It was excellent. The serving of green curry with pork was more than ample. 

The green curry was very good. Present was galangal and Thai basil and enough chilies to make me sweat. 

Of course the Thai iced tea was good!

Flan con Chocolate 

The proprietor called this flan something else, but it was flan with a chocolate crust.

It was only 20 pesos and it was good. I like flan with the traditional caramel sauce, but this was acceptable. I didn’t know what it was before I ordered it.

This stall can be found in the food court known as Mercado San Camilto on the north side of Plaza Garibaldi in Mexico City. 

Churro Relleno con Dulce de Leche

On my way to Trotsky’s house I happened by this hipster food court in the neighborhood of Coyoacán in Mexico City.

I was still a little sleepy so I reckoned a churro and a latte would energize me.

And a churro stuffed with dulce de leche?

Even more energy.

It was very good but I would felt gluttonous having another, even if I was on vacation. 

El Moro Churreria 

There was a line to get into this place and I hadn’t had chocolate in several days, so in I went.

Around since 1935, churros are all this establishment serves.

I had churros with Spanish chocolate, spiced with cinnamon. The coffee tasted like it came from the nearest Shell station and I only took a few sips of it. The churros and the chocolate were very good. 

Guyaba Cheesecake 

I don’t think I had ever had guyaba before this trip to Mexico so I tried it nearly whenever I saw it.

I ate it at a little chain coffeehouse in el Centro Historico in Mexico City. It is sweet and reminded me of soursop or mangosteen. The little cheesecake was light and fluffy. 

I had it at el Cielito Cafe. It’s across from el Palacio de Bellas Artes. 

Duraznos en mezcal

I couldn’t remember what exactly duraznos were until they were served. Peaches! The server told me they didn’t have the vanilla ice cream that was normally served atop.

It was listed as a dessert, so I knew it wasn’t offal or some odd fungus. 

The dessert would have been much better with cream or ice cream, but I had a hankering for fruit  so I enjoyed them. The sliced peaches (possibly canned) were sautéed with butter, sugar and of course, mezcal. The mezcal added a slight smokiness to the peaches. 

I was in fact at the cafe attached to the Tequila Museum, so I also had a shot of mezcal. 

The mezcal was served with slices of oranges which had been sprinkled with salt and sugar.