Bacon and Egg Sandwich

I saw a video about Eggslut on Eater when I lived in Singapore. The proprietor was showing his technique to poach scrambled eggs in butter.

Naturally when I moved to LA, I would want to try their signature sandwich. When I had read that the proprietor was opening locations in New York it cemented my desire to eat one of these legendary egg sandwiches.


Every time I went to Grand Central Market in downtown LA, the line was too long for my appetite.

This time I endured the ten minute wait.

The delicious scrambled egg was served on brioche with orange cheese and chewy bacon.

It was amazing! It was the best egg sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

That and freshly squeezed orange juice and I was happy.


Boston Cream Doughnut 

As I allow myself to eat dessert on the weekend, a few weeks ago I decided to check out Winchell’s Donuts, an established doughnut shop.

It was a good Boston cream. It tasted more wholesome than a Krispy Kreme of the same varietal. There was more chocolate on the doughnut than the latter. The coffee was as bad as one might expect, but this late morning treat gave me a huge caffeine and sugar rush. 

Molletes con Chorizo 

The hotel restaurant hyped up their customized and relatively expensive hamburgers so I gave them a pass until one day last week when I thought I’d give them a try.

I didn’t know what molletes were until I googled it later. They are muffins, in case you didn’t know.

Three muffins were served with chopped chorizo and cheese. Not only was the chorizo spicy, but the pico de gallo was spicy-even for me. 

It was tasty, but a massive breakfast. I had a day of walking and tourist-related activities ahead of me do I didn’t finish. 

Chicken and Waffles

The first time I had this dish was in Singapore. I liked it. Now that I’ve had it at the International House of Pancakes, I can say that that I’ve had it done properly. It’s not healthy, but it’s not bad. My issue with this dish is that one is eating mouthfuls of same-tasting food. I think I’d prefer a smaller portion as an appetizer or a dessert rather than a huge platter of it.

The waffles were decent, but I guess I should have had the pancakes because they are the P in IHOP.

Baked Chorizo and Eggs

This was a few weeks ago back in Singapore at Providore, a café in the Mandarin Gallery.

I liked the flavor of the eggs baked with the sausages in the sauce, which was somewhat soupy. Strangely, I was served only two small pieces of bread. I had to order more. 

The blood orange and cardamom soda was DIY. That’s bullshit. 

I would not recommend this overpriced place. 

Chicken Instant Noodles

Last Saturday I had breakfast at Black Seed in Bugis Junction.

Although the noodles were instant, the broth was fresh. The bowl was garnished with scallions and fried shallots. I love those 63 degree eggs, so I ordered one of those. It was a good breakfast. I really liked this place, which serves more refined versions of local dishes.