In Flight Breakfast Tokyo-Los Angeles ( JAL)

It was not s typical breakfast and I think they called it lunch although it was the meal served after they woke us up as the plane approached LAX.

I had the proprietary kiwi drink and it was okay. The Yoshinoya meal was do-it-yourself. 

The beef was a little tough. I added pickled ginger, a packet of egg yolk, black pepper and Japanese chili flakes. It was pretty good! If Yoshinoya sold this meal I would make more of an effort going there. 


In-Flight Dinner Tokyo to Los Angeles (Japan Airlines)

Breaded swordfish sounds wrong, but as the main course of an airline meal it was pretty good.

I liked the egg sauce, too. 

Miso soup, a fruit salad (kiwi, pineapple, melon and persimmon) a green salad, a tiny potato salad and mixed vegetables (I don’t remember what they were) made for a good airline dinner. 

The seaweed crackers were okay. 

I had already seen most of the movies. I ended up watching Spotlight and Zootopia. 

In-Flight Meal Singapore to Tokyo (Japan Airlines)

I had high hopes flying JAL that the food would be good.

Miso soup was served! Also served was a decent salad, vegetables (eggplant and bell peppers), udon noodles and watermelon slices.

The fried chicken was soggy, but palatable. 

The wine was pretty good!