Far Eastern Bowl

I still eat meat, but I reckon that one or two dinners without meat can’t hurt.

What I like about the Veggie Grill is the fake meat they serve. The Chikn in particular has the flavor and texture of chicken.

They change their menu every four months and often they have creative offerings, such as this Far Eastern Bowl.

The Chikn is roasted with sesame seeds, served on coconut rice, with roasted broccoli, sliced cucumbers and fresh mint. The chili slices add color, but weren’t very spicy. The combination of flavors was generically Southeast Asian, but pleasing. The fake chicken had a nice crunch to it.

I will give this meal two Bourdains.


As much Korean food as I had consumed, I had never had these cold noodles. As I had arrived at The Wiltern early to see Deafheaven I decided to eat Korean fare before rocking out.

The proprietor was trying to convince me not to order the Naengmyeon, but I relented.

In the cold broth was vinegar, ginger, buckwheat noodles and slices of daikon.

There was also a hard boiled egg in the bowl. I enjoyed dinner and the concert.

Deafheaven concert

Duck Confit on Toast

A few weeks ago I went to Gjusta in Venice Beach.


I arrived too late for breakfast and for me, too late to try their coffee, which is supposed to be stellar. The duck confit was amazing! The savory and greasy duck meat was balanced by pickled vegetables. The house made bread was nice and chewy.

I had a crème caramel which was perfect.

I walked back to my car. It was a good day.


Silver Lake abounds with interesting restaurants and Dee Yaw Myanmar Corner is one of them.


Mohinga is a noodle soup made of catfish, fish sauce, rice noodles and garnished with chickpea fritters (pe gyaw). There was a chicken egg served in the bowl as well. The broth was savory, spicy and sour.

Burmese tofu tastes a lot like polenta. I really liked it.

For desert I ordered faluda, made of ice cream, pandan jelly and rose syrup.

I will return.

Shrimp Tacos

Some colleagues from Singapore were visiting, well, one lives in LA now, so I thought BS Taqueria would be a good venue.

BS Taqueria

The tacos were made of blue corn and with the mango salsa, very tropical in flavor.

Fried chicken skins and guacamole were also very good. Our aguas frescas were made of coconut milk mixed with orange juice. I like that a lot.

Tlayuda Mixta

A few weeks ago I strolled eastward down Santa Monica and found La China Oaxaqueña.

A tlayuda is an edible plate made of corn flour, fried and topped with whatever, in this case, spicy chicken, pastor meat, tomatoes, sliced avocados and Oaxacan cheese, which is salty and chewy. There are also refried beans acting as a sauce of sorts.

It was good and I ended up taking most of it home.

Niten Ichiryu Ramen

Of course I was excited when I learnt that Menya Musashi, a Japanese ramen chain, had come to Los Angeles.

On Sawtelle Avenue, there are four blocks of Japanese restaurants.

Look at all the good stuff in that bowl of delicious ramen! Pork belly, fried pork cutlet, onsen egg (😍), seaweed and scallions sat in the bowl waiting to be devoured.

There was a lot of food. I ate all of the meat and drank the broth, but left some noodles in the bowl.