Maple Glazed Bacon Doughnut

Danny Trejo has a few taco shops and a doughnut shop, which is where I got this bad boy. The salty bacon strips complemented the maple syrup glaze. The doughnut itself was light and moist.

Yes, it was good. I only eat sweets on the weekends so I look forward to such indulgences.

Grilled Conch

The best thing I ate on my trip to Guatemala was the grilled conch I had in Rio Dulce.

Slightly chewy, and cooked with lime juice, salt and pepper, it was delicious. I liked how a small side salad was served on the plate. None of the other Guatemalan restaurants did this. It cost about $20 which is reasonable I suppose for a plate of mollusk flesh. The conch meat had a mellow, nutty flavor.

I would like to visit the Caribbean soon.


Unbeknownst to me, churrascó is a Brazilian dish consisting mainly of grilled meat.

After the hike up Mount Picaya, a volcano two hours from Antigua, Guatemala, I was starving.

I ordered the large steak sangriento. Also on the platter was grilled corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, guacamole and grilled scallions. The green parilla sauce was fairly spicy.

The steak was magnificent and I devoured it. I sopped up the juices with the tortillas served in a little basket.

I had this at a restaurant called Sopas (Soups).

I saw lava at the volcano and roasted a marshmallow over cooling lava.

Desayuno Típico de Guatemala

A stone’s throw away from my hotel in Antigua, Guatemala is Kaffe Fernando which sells their own coffee beans and chocolate.

Behold the Guatemalan breakfast!

The black beans were very rich, thanks to beautiful lard and salt. With extra tomatoes and onions, it cost 26 quetzals, which is $3.50 USD. The fried plantains were sweet and fruity and possibly the best plantains I’ve ever had. There were fresh tortillas served in a small basket.

The dining area was set in a garden.

The orange-pineapple juice was fresh and the coffee was good. It was a good start to the day which involved wandering around and taking pictures of Spanish colonial ruins.