Dulces Tradicionales

I had these candies at a cafe in Antigua.

The dark one was tamarind flavored and the red, guava. The tamarind one was more like a jelly. The red one was just too sweet for me.


Korean Barbecue

One day a few weeks ago, my brother rolled into town and we went to Koreatown. Hamji Park BBQ looked promising so that’s where we went.

We had the marinated sirloin and the pork kimchi soup. I was pleased.

Grilled Conch

The best thing I ate on my trip to Guatemala was the grilled conch I had in Rio Dulce.

Slightly chewy, and cooked with lime juice, salt and pepper, it was delicious. I liked how a small side salad was served on the plate. None of the other Guatemalan restaurants did this. It cost about $20 which is reasonable I suppose for a plate of mollusk flesh. The conch meat had a mellow, nutty flavor.

I would like to visit the Caribbean soon.