Penang Shrimp Curry

There are plenty of Thai restaurants near me and I’ve been checking some of them out.

I had this at Nariya Thai, on the corner of Sunset and Gower. Were the peas authentic?

I’m not sure. I asked for it to be spicy and it was fairly hot.

The sauce tasted fine.

I started off with the Thai sausages which were sweet and fatty.

It was fairly good. I’ll have to return.


Baja Fish Tacos Plate

Just down the street on Vine Street is Cactus Taqueria. I went here last week and tried the fish tacos.

It was very good. The fish wasn’t tilapia or if it was, it didn’t taste like cardboard. The batter was crispy.

I started off with elote, which is grilled corn on the cob. It was seasoned with lime juice, mayonnaise and chili powder. This was very good.

I had a Jamaica to drink. The house made habanero sauce was fiery. Cactus makes reliably good Mexican food.