Lamb Plate

I finished reading a Persian cookbook not long ago and since then, I’ve been cooking lamb. I’ve been buying ground lamb at the Hollywood Farmers Market and stew meat at Trader Joe’s

On a Wednesday when I didn’t feel like cooking I stopped by Kebab Daddy, a kebab shop of local provenance.

The New Zealand lamb was delicious. The hummus was decent, but the salad was an insipid afterthought.

Okay, the salad wasn’t that bad because I liked the dressing and the olives. The lettuce itself was pale and feeble.

Bratwurst Pretzel Bun

What sorcery was this? It was vegan and on the Winter Menu of Veggie Grill.

Not only was the sausage made of plant matter, so was the liquid cheese.

The sausage had a little bit of the pop when the casing was bitten. The texture was meatlike too. I enjoyed it.