Dry Mix Rice Noodles (干拌米粉)

Of course I miss Chinese food. I’m happy to report that authentic northern Chinese fare can be found at Qin in Chinatown.


It’s from Shaanxi, to be exact.

I was immensely pleased to eat authentic Chinese food. Braised beef, fried tofu skin, cilantro, pickled cabbage and peanuts served over rice noodles and a delicious broth, along with sitting in a red plastic chair gave me a pleasant flashback to Singapore. Of course I ordered it spicy.

I will return soon.

Fried Salmon Skin Roll

The WordPress app just crashed after I had almost finished this post, so I suspect this post won’t be as long.

Blue C Sushi is located on Sunset Boulevard and Ivar.

Blue C Sushi

Crunchy, salty and savory I devoured this.

The dragon roll was decent.

Usually I don’t order rolls, but these Americanisms are the house specialty.

I prefer sashimi and nigiri to rolls, but this would be a fun place to take a date.

Rustic Farm Bowl

There’s a vegan fast food restaurant near the gym where I go and I’ll sometimes go there on a Friday.

The apple-sage sausage was vegan and surprisingly meatike in texture. I could have eaten several of them. There was also roasted sweet potato, broccoli pesto which was lemony and somehow buttery as well as roasted peppers and farro, an obscure grain I’ve made for lunch before.

I tried the mint basil lemonade which is very good.