Favaba Asturiana

Two weeks ago when I was on vacation in Mexico City I saw an old school Spanish restaurant whilst strolling and I returned for dinner one night.

Their house specialty was paella valenciana but they had other beef dishes, all meant to be shared by two people. I don’t have the appetite I once had so I ordered favaba asturiana off the Especialidades portion of the menu not knowing what it was.

It was a stew of fava beans and morcilla, Spanish blood sausage. The olive oil I wa instructed to add to the bowl was fruity and very fresh tasting. 

Given that it was chilly and rainy outside this homely dish was welcome. 

I had felt that i needed vegetables in my diet so I ordered the avocado cocktail as an first course.

It was very good. 

The sangria was made of red wine, rum and Sprite. 


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