Tacos al Pastor

By far the most delicious thing I ate on my recent trip to Mexico City was this order of five street tacos. 

Al pastor means shepherd style and the meat is cut off a cooked spiral of mutton. It’s then sautéed on a grill where it becomes crispy. 

The salsa is made of diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and lime juice. Salty, fatty, citrus, spice and herbal flavors are all there. The lime juice balanced the richness of the crispy mutton. 

I would have been more than happy to eat tacos at pastor as lunch and dinner for the rest of my trip. The plate only cost 50 pesos which is less than $3 USD.

This stall was set outside the station just before Hidalgo on the Indios Verdes-Universidad line. 


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