Bistec y Salada

There was another name for this thin slice of a ribeye steak but I can’t remember it. The steak was thin, but with fries, salad, soup and fresh limeade it only came to 100 pesos or so, which is a little over five dollars. The wifi at the hotel where I stayed, the Hotel Plaza Garibaldi was terrible and often didn’t work at all so I regret not being to report on this meal when my memory was fresher.

I was walking by this impressive medieval looking building when hunger persuaded me to order in the cafe within.

It is the former convent of Saint Hippolytus, en español el Ex Convento de Santo Ippolito. 

It wasn’t the best steak I’ve ever had but for five dollars I was pleased. 

There were many religious items sold for sale in the vicinity including these of Jesus.


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