I needed a break so I came to Mexico City. 

From Wikipedia:

Pulque About this sound [‘pulke] is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant. It is traditional to central Mexico, where it has been produced for millennia.[1][2] It has the color of milk, somewhat viscous consistency and a sour yeast-like taste.[3]

This pulqueria is located on Plaza Garibaldi in the Centro Histórico. I chose the guyaba flavor. 

Guyaba is a tropical fruit that tastes like soursop. It was only 25 pesos per cup ($1.33) and the taste was fine. However the consistency was similar to saliva and I only had one.

The alcohol content isn’t very high so one would have to drink liters of the stuff to get hammered. 

I love the old restaurants here in Ciudad de México. 

I doubt I’ll try pulque again as the consistency is unpleasant.!


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