Poutine (加拿大的起司炸薯条)

I can’t remember the time before this I had had poutine, but it might have been eight years or so ago on a pub crawl through San Diego.

If not then, then it would have sometime in the late 20th century in Windsor, Ontario.

It had been a long time. I was hanging out with one of my brothers and I thought why not and we went inside this place, apparently a chain, next to Danny Trejo’s taqueria. 

I was impressed. The fries were hand-cut (or appeared that way to my amateur eye) but more importantly were fried twice, so the outside was crispy and the interior light and almost fluffy.

The gravy tasted like it was made with fresh ingredients. I appreciated the black pepper. I had ordered the classic poutine and I thought that they served a generous portion of cheese curds. 

I wouldn’t exactly call this junk food as it was made with good ingredients, but a case could be made that this is.

I recommend this place for an occasional indulgence, unless you don’t worry about your weight and or are bulking up. 


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