Mediterranean Plate

A few weeks ago I had a serious hankering for hummus. On January 29th the Getty Center and the Getty Villa were free so I went to the villa. 

There was pita bread, a scoop of hummus, tabbouli, a pile of olives and about 200 grams of marinated feta cheese.

That’s a lot of cheese. I liked all of it, but there wasn’t enough bread for all of that cheese. 

I was very happy afterwards.

Not only are the Greek and Roman artifacts awesome, but the grounds of the Getty Villa are likewise beautiful. 

Banana Pudding

It’s something I’ve never had, but I have heard about it. After walking around Chinatown I noticed this New Orleans restaurant near the parking lot.

After having lunch at Baohaus, I was still hungry. This being the weekend I looked in the refrigerated counter at The Little Jewel of New Orleans. Seeing oyster po’ boys on the menu I vowed to return. 

The banana pudding was delicious. It was creamy and eggy and garnished with vanilla wafers. I devoured it. 

The café au lait was adequate. 

The Chairman’s Bao (毛泽东的包子)

My craving for Chinese food was sated by my trip to Baohaus, a Taiwanese steamed bun restaurant by way of New York.

I’ve had this very same dish in both Singapore and Taiwan. Berkshire pork belly said the menu, served in a steamed bun with crushed peanuts, cilantro and a sweet sauce.


The taro fries were served with a peanut-based garlicky hot sauce that wasn’t very spicy. 

I also ordered lemonade mixed with green tea that was unusually good. 

I like this place, located in a mall in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Luckily for ne there was a firecracker festival going on.

Checkers Korean Barbecue 

I’m going to call this a Korean barbecue because it is. It’s modern and maybe is courting whitey with more familiar items on the menu like liquid cheese. 

The pork was very good as was the kim chee. Someone told me one can judge a Korean restaurant by the quality of their kim chee and I suppose this augured well for this establishment. It was fun to gorge on spicy protein.

The potato salad was also good. Potato salads remind me of going to Murray’s Lake when I was a kid. 

Here are more photos from that night:


I finally tried poke at a Hawaiian chain restaurant in Sherman Oaks. It was very good. Of course I had many a rice bowl in Singapore, but this was the first time I had some dish called poke. I’m not sure if it’s authentic or not.

Lots of nice fresh maguro, flying fish roe, and pickled seaweed was served to me at this place. 

I still feel like a tourist in Los Angeles. There was also miso soup which I hadn’t had in months. 

So my first experience with this chain restaurant was positive.