Egg Raviolo

After I had that job interview in LA I went for a walk. I had planned to walk to Chinatown, but I was just too hungry to make it. Starving, I happened by the Central Market and I became excited by the offerings. 
I’ve always thought chicharrones (fried pig skin) were fried and crispy. Much to my surprise, the chicharrones tacos I ordered were mushy. I picked at the tacos, but mushy pig skin doesn’t excite me.

However, the egg raviolo I ordered from an Italian stall was amazing. The raviolo was big, although I could have eaten two easily. 

The sauce was delicious and tangy, yet not acidic. 

As you can see, liquid yolk oozed from the large raviolo. I loved it. There was grated cheese atop the raviolo, maybe Romano, and there was also roasted red peppers in the sauce. 

Here was the non-fried pig skin tacos.

The sauce was good, but I guess soft pig skin is how some prepare it.

I will definitely return to the Central Market. 


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