Broccoli and Scallops (西兰花扇贝)

Cooking for my parents, I wanted to show them a classic Chinese vegetable dish. I also wanted to explain how the Chinese incorporate meat and fish to flavor vegetables. 

After I cut the florets into smaller pieces, I blanched the broccoli, just until the broccoli turned bright green. 

I made an ice bath and put the blanched broccoli into it to stop the cooking.

I followed a recipe which recommended braising the scallops in chicken broth for a few minutes to eliminate the fishy flavor which develops in frozen scallops.

The fishy scent is probably decomposition, but I could be wrong.

I then removed them. 

 Chopped ginger and scallions went into the hot pan. I was using the wok to cook twice-cooked pork. 

I used tongs to flip the tender scallops as I didn’t want to break them apart. 

When the scallops were seared, I added soy sauce, dry sherry and a tablespoon of oyster sauce. 

This dish turned out well. 


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