Steakhouse Nachos

Great marketing by Taco Bell enticed me to get these a while ago. I have been seriously slacking on this blog, but have no fear, when I move up to Los Angeles in two weeks I will post more often.


I mean steak on Nachos sounds great, right? In theory it could have been great.

In practice it was disgusting. The ‘steak’ was chewy and vaguely steaklike in flavor. It was most likely highly processed Grade D beef. The retried beans were most likely made with hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of lard. They were a tasteless paste. Even the hot sauce couldn’t save this slop.

  • The picó de gallo was lacking in cilantro.
  • Overall a sad experience. 

The quesadilla was okay, but I’m afraid I’ve fallen out of love with Taco Bell. 


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I live in sunny California

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